Top 18 Best Pool Heat Pumps of 2022 for When You Want To Have An Enjoyable Time In The Pool All-Season Long

What’s the point of having a swimming pool if you can’t enjoy it all year round, considering how the temperature of the pool's water usually fluctuates and drops fairly quickly on cloudy days? So whenever you’re in the mood for swimming but the weather doesn’t work in your favor, choosing the best pool heat pump would be the greatest solution to this problem. The best pool heat pump helps you keep your pool at a preferable temperature, thereby guaranteeing a more enjoyable time dappling around in the water, and encouraging you to swim even during the colder seasons. 

The pool heat pumps maintain an ideal heating temperature by acting as heat exchangers, meaning they transfer the heat collected from the surrounding to the pool water. We understand that not everyone is an expert when it comes to choosing pool heat pumps, so after doing enough research, we here present you with eighteen best pool heat pumps that will ensure your swimming facility has the most desired heating temperature. With a first-rate heat pump, swimming in the fall, or spring, or winter is just enjoyable as swimming in summer.

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Best Rated Pool Heat Pumps with the Highest Efficiency

Best Heat Pump for Small to Medium Sized Pools

Best High-tech Heat Pump for Any Pool Size

Best Heat Pump for Environmentally Conscious Users

Best Pool Heat Pump Above Ground Pools

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Pool Heat Pumps, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hayward W3HP21404T HeatPro 140,000 BTU Pool Heat Pump for In-Ground Pools
  • BEST FOR: In-ground pools that are used regularly and benefit from maintaining an ideal consistent temperature. Non-corrosive design makes it durable for coastal climates.
  • ECONOMICAL HEATING: Using the surrounding air to heat the pool, HeatPro is more economical than propane, natural gas and electric heaters for maintaining the ideal water temperature.
Bestseller No. 2
FibroPool FH 270 Swimming Pool Heat Pump 70,000 Btu/hr
  • 70,000 BTU/ hr in coastal climates
  • Suitable for 15,000 Gallons -450 sqft In ground Pools, 27' Round-18 x 33 Oval Above ground pools ( Long Island NY- Corpus Christi TX) . If you are not sure about your area's suitability or performance rating, please sned us your zipcode and pool size and we will size it for you.
Bestseller No. 3
FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • 120 Volt, 60Hz, 10A draw
  • Built in 8 foot long power cable with standard USA plug
Bestseller No. 4
Hayward W3HP50HA2 HeatPro Heat Pump, Beige
  • Advanced heat pump technology uses less energy than natural gas and propane heaters
  • Provides ideal water temperatures, even in harsh weather conditions
Bestseller No. 5
DOEL 11800 BTU Mini Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Above-Ground Pools, 3.45 kW Electric Pool Heater with Titanium Heat Exchanger, 110V 60Hz
  • Mini Heat Pump: This electric pool heater is suitable for small pools up to 3962 gallons. The larger the pool, the longer the heating time. (Please read item description for more details as reference). It's your perfect heat pump solution for above ground swimming pools, hot tub or spas.
  • Working Requirements: 110V, 60 HZ for USA electricity. Built in 8 foot long power cable with standard USA plug.
Bestseller No. 6
Raypak R6450ti-E Digital, Titanium, 119K BTU Electric Pool Heat Pump, 208/230V 016015
  • Raypak Classic Series Model R6450TI-E Heat Pump
  • Part Number: 016015
Bestseller No. 7
FibroPool FH 220 Swimming Pool Heater Heat Pump
  • 4.85 COP. Best in its class
  • 20,000 Btu/Hr heating capacity
Bestseller No. 8
DOEL 19000 BTU Swimming Pool Heat Pump for Above-Ground Pools, 5.56 kW Electric Pool Heater with Titanium Heat Exchanger, 220-240V 60Hz
  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump: This electric pool heater is suitable for small above-ground pools up to 6600 gallons and in-ground pools up to 4,226 gallons. (Please read item description for more details as reference). It's your perfect heat pump solution for above ground and inground swimming pools with 2 inch/50mm water hose connection.
  • Efficiency and Easy to Installation: Allowing fast and easy hookup without professional installation. With innovative flat-tube titanium heat exchanger, the heat exchanging efficiency is 30% higher than spiral tubes.
Bestseller No. 9
Pentair EC462025 MasterTemp 125 125,000 BTU Compact Energy Efficient Swimming Pool and Spa Natural Gas Heater for Small Pools Up to 15,000 Gallons
  • GREAT FOR SMALLER POOLS: Natural gas heater boasts 125,000 BTUs, designed for smaller bodies of water up to 15,000 gallons
  • COMPACT AND EFFICIENT: Compact design with 82-percent efficiency as compared to larger pool heaters; Quiet operation makes sure not to impose on leisure pool time
Bestseller No. 10
Raypak Heat Pump 8450 Model with Titanium Heat Exchanger, 140K BTU 016033
  • Scroll compressors for quiet operation
  • Remote compatible

Top Best Pool Heat Pumps Reviews 2021

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro In Ground 140,000 BTU Heat Pump
  • Acoustic compressor cover and profiled fan blade ensures quiet operation and efficient performance
  • Ultra-Gold corrosion resistant evaporator fin for extreme durability especially in coastal environments

A model that is compactly designed for easy installation, the Hayward HP21404T is a high-calibre, reliable, and energy-saving pool heat pump with incredible longevity. It is designed in a way that requires very little equipment pad space, and with an energy output of 140 000 BTU, this heat exchanger is an ideal choice for maintaining your most desired pool temperature.

Furnished with an acoustic compressor and profiled airflow fan blades, the heat exchanger runs smoothly and quietly. Its titanium exchanger is engineered for optimal heat transfer as well as energy conversion regardless of weather and environmental conditions.

In short, the Hayward Heatpro’s UV protection and deterioration resistant body panels make it a must-have for your pool as well as for reconditioning your pool heating system.


  • Operates smoothly and quietly
  • A titanium heat exchanger designed for maximum heat transfer
  • Impervious to rust and deterioration
  • Easy for installation and maintenance


  • Not very budget-friendly

FibroPool FH 220 Swimming Pool Heater Heat Pump
  • 4.85 COP. Best in its class
  • 20,000 Btu/Hr heating capacity

With the FibroPool FH 220 from now on you will no longer have to wait for the day to be sunny or warm to be able to get into the water. This is one of the best heat pumps out there especially for people who love to spend time in the water as these heat pumps will not disappoint when it comes to keeping your pool warm.

This heat pump is very ideal for heating small pools, above ground pools of up to 18” round and any size spas. This machine can warm up your pool water within a day or two depending on the size of your pool as well as the weather and temperature surrounding it.

This heating pump would fit perfectly to your household since this machine does not require a huge amount of electricity in order to run. This would mean that this heat pump would barely make a dent into your account.


  • Budget friendly
  • Simple to install
  • Weatherproof


  • It could only work with smaller pools

Hayward W3HP21004T HeatPro 95,000 BTU Pool Heat Pump for In-Ground Pools
  • BEST FOR: In-ground pools that are used regularly and benefit from maintaining an ideal consistent temperature. Non-corrosive design makes it durable for coastal climates.
  • ECONOMICAL HEATING: Using the surrounding air to heat the pool, HeatPro is more economical than propane, natural gas and electric heaters for maintaining the ideal water temperature.

This model by Hayward is ranked among the most reliable pool heat pumps on the market. This is a heavy-duty machine; however, it does not make a lot of noises while running.

The machine is designed with an Ultra Gold corrosion-resistant evaporator fin, and this means that this heat pump is extremely durable and robust as it is also equipped with stainless steel hardware. Even though it has a very compact design, the machine is known to be long-lasting as it is made to withstand environmental hazards and extreme weathers.

Running with Low NOx emissions, the machine is eco friendly. Moreover this product acquired a titanium counter-flow heat exchanger to transfer a large amount of heat energy as efficiently as possible.


  • Extremely durable
  • Does not make a lot of noise
  • Stainless steel hardware


  • None

Hayward H150FDP Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Propane, Low Nox
  • Standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger for superior value and reliability
  • Patented polymer header and bypass valve design for the ultimate in hydraulic efficiency and reliability

If you are looking for safer and reliable options for a pool heating facility, then this is the machine for you. Hayward has been making heat pumps for decades, and they are very trustworthy towards their customers, even those who are only starting to get to know heat pumps. This Hayward heat pump is no exception as this is one of the best heat pumps on the market, one that is well-known for its impressive heat transfer.

This machine is built with a Cupro-Nickel heat exchanger that protects the heat pumps from corrosion caused by water chemicals and extreme weathers. This heat pump has a compact design, which makes for easy installation.

The machine is designed with a polymer header and bypass valve to ensure hydraulic efficiency and energy conservation while also protecting the machine’s core from harmful effects of erosions.


  • Install with ease
  • Instant warming
  • Durable
  • Environmental friendly


  • Quite expensive

FibroPool FH120 Above Ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • 120 Volt, 60Hz, 10A draw
  • Built in 8 foot long power cable with standard USA plug

This heat pump from FibroPool is a perfect choice for people who live in places where the water’s temperature sometimes plummets to freezing point. The FibroPool FH120 is an excellent choice as it can heat up water in a short amount of time.

The machine could operate in both above-ground and in-ground pools; however, it works best in above-ground pools. The heat pump also has a digital display that would make adjustments to the heating system even more simple.

The installation process of this heat pump is quite simple and easy as it only takes you around 10-20 minutes to get ready. On top of that, this model has a very slim, compact design, which would make it easy to install.


  • Easy to install
  • Compactly design
  • Digital display makes it easy to use
  • Heat up the water in a short time


  • Ideal for smaller pools only
  • It only works well in above-ground pools

FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater
  • 100% Titanium heat exchanger
  • Quick disconnect piping, 1 1/2" pvc and 17 Amps power-220 volts

For those who are not willing to spend big bucks on a piece of heating equipment, we've got one for you. This reasonably-priced model from FibroPool is constructed specifically for in-ground swimming pools and operates on 55000 BTUs of heating power.

Its slim-profile of 16" x 40" footprint makes it easy to fit just about anywhere you want. The side access includes a digital display and control made for convenient installation and usage, built with an unalloyed 100% titanium heat exchanger for optimal heat transfer, which can be used to warm up pools quickly in frigid conditions.

As mentioned earlier, the machine only has an energy output of 55000 BTUs, which only proves to be useful for above ground pools that are 21-feet round or less.


  • Reasonably priced
  • It doesn't make much noise when running
  • Easy to install


  • It can only run up to 55000 BTU

No products found.

There are a few reasons why this is named MasterTemp, and one of them is that this is a machine of the highest calibre that grants pool owners the most favorable swimming temperature. As an eco-friendly pool heater operating on a 300000 BTU unit, this new Pentair MasterTemp model can provide you with a rollicking time dappling around without having to wait long before jumping in the water.

Different from the other bulky heat pumps of its kinds, the design of the Pentair 460734 is neat and compact, featuring a tough anti-corrosion body panel that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. These qualities make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations. Moreover, the manual gas system is shut off once service is required.

However, some people might not like the lack of noise-cancelling feature of this heat pump. That said, we still feel that this would be a well-worth investment for your beloved pool.


  • It has a massive heating unit of 300000 BTU
  • Energy-efficient
  • Compact design
  • Features an accurate digital thermostat


  • It might be noisy for some people

Hayward HP50HA HeatPro Titanium 45,000 BTU Heat Pump, Horizontal
  • Hayward Horizontal Heat Fan Pump
  • 50,000 BTU heating capacity

This fan heat pump is made ideally for an above-ground swimming pool however, this machine could also operate finely in smaller in-ground pools. This machine could even survive severe climates since it is designed to acquire an anti-corrosion design which would then extend the working life of this pool heat pump even further.

This Hayward heat pump is saltwater safe as it is accompanied with Ultra-Gold evaporator fins, stainless steel hardware, titanium heat exchanger and vinyl-covered fan blades. This machine is equipped with Haywire Quiet Technology, which makes the area surrounding the machine very quiet and calm.

The machine is acquired with an electronic programmable timer, which makes your experience using this heat pump even more simpler. This heat pump machine has a cooling system which would cool the water if needed. This machine can even shut off automatically when the pool filter pumps finished working.


  • Easy to install
  • Cooling mode to cool the water
  • Electronic timer
  • Quiet operation
  • Saltwater safe


  • Not really compatible during the winter months

Hayward H250FDN Universal H-Series 250,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas, Low Nox
  • Standard Cupro nickel heat exchanger for superior value and reliability
  • Patented polymer header and bypass valve design for the ultimate in hydraulic efficiency and reliability

This item from Hayward is designed for versatile professional installation. The model exudes prestige through its durable form and environmentally conscious features. It is known for being energy-efficient and eco friendly, with low Nox emissions to meet or exceed air emission standards. Thanks to its top-of-the-line hydraulic system, the Hayward H250FDN is more than capable of reducing the circulation pump run time, which, in turn, contributes to saving energy.

Running at 250000 BTU, the pump’s cupro-nickel heat exchanger combined with the forced draft system to carry air at a reliable flow rate through the combustion chamber, and thereby getting rid of elements that can adversely affect the pool heating process.

If you want to invest in an industry-leading pool heating pump but you also want to preserve the environment, this eco-friendly model is one of the best pool heating pumps out there.


  • Low Nox emissions/environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Easy installation


  • It can be noisy while running

Pentair 460932 UltraTemp 110 High Performance Pool Heat Pump, Heat Only, 230 Volt, 60 Hertz, 1 Phase, Almond
  • 60-Hertz frequency, 50-ampere breaker size, single phase, 230-Volts and 8-feet wire, 108000-BTU
  • Compatible with all automated control packages

From now on you could heat your pool environmentally friendly with this heat pump. This is the best pool heat pump for cold climates especially. This heat pump is acquired with an ozone-friendly refrigerant to it therefore it ensures to have a long life to it.

This pool heat pump could withstand extreme climates and pool chemicals as it is built with a corrosion-resistant plastic composite cabinet. The machine is also equipped with an LCD control board which makes controlling this heat pump an even more expedient task than ever.

This model is also accompanied by digital controls which would give you more room to maneuver. Using this method, the machine could avoid wasting energy and overheating with ease.


  • Ease of use (equipped with a LCD control board)
  • Does not require a huge amount of electricity to run
  • Compatible with most of the automated control packages.


  • The screws from the outside case tend to come loose very easily.

Manufactured for smooth and long-lasting performance, this Aquapro model comes with an exclusive titanium heat exchanger as well as digital temperature controls. The machine is assembled using durable and efficient materials. Its features are made with the purpose of being easy to use, so getting the exact temperature you’re most desired for is simple within a few touches of a button.

The VIGOH77 has the ability to cool down water in cases when users accidentally set the temperature too high and want to get it back down. On top of that, the inclusion of PVC slip fittings makes it one of the easiest installations on the market. However, as easily installed as it is, this model needs a 230V outlet instead of the traditional 120V, meaning it has to be professionally installed.

The bonus of getting this is that it comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty. With this heat pump, you are guaranteed to have a safe, reliable and economical service.


  • First-rate titanium heat exchanger
  • Capable of cooling water
  • Convenient temperature control features
  • Long-term warranty


  • Requires a 230V outlet

AquaCal Heatwave SuperQuiet SQ225 Heat Pump 143,000 BTU, Heat only, Swimming Pool Heater
  • New 2020 Design
  • New 2020 model SQ225 has higher Coefficient of Performance (COP 6.5) than old SQ175 (COP 6.1)

The SQ225 has a heat output of 143000 BTU, which is sufficient enough to maintain heat for medium to large pools. So if your pool is small, this pump will warm the pool at a higher rate than if you used a smaller pump.

This pump is equipped with an exclusive Thermolink titanium heat exchanger which resists chemical hazards. The machine is designed with a corrosion proof cabinet, which keeps the heat pump from rusting and fading.

This heat pump features IceBreaker Technology which would extend your swimming season even longer in spite of the freezing weather than any other heat pumps out there in the market.

The cool thing about this model is its compatibility to the AquaCal Poolsync app, meaning you can control and adjust the temperature as well as other functional settings of the machine using your smartphone. 


  • IceBreaker Technology
  • Resist chemical hazards
  • Rust and fade proof
  • Sync to smartphones


  • Heavy in weight

Hayward W3HP21104T HeatPro 110,000 BTU Pool Heat Pump for In-Ground Pools
  • BEST FOR: In-ground pools that are used regularly and benefit from maintaining an ideal consistent temperature. Non-corrosive design makes it durable for coastal climates.
  • ECONOMICAL HEATING: Using the surrounding air to heat the pool, HeatPro is more economical than propane, natural gas and electric heaters for maintaining the ideal water temperature.

If you have a small to medium-sized pool with a capacity of 25000 gallons, this Hayward model, which has a heat output of up to 110000 BTU, is strongly recommended. The heavy-duty scroll compressors and profiled fan blade make for better airflow and, at the same time, also ensure that the pump emits minimal noise while operating.

The exterior of the pump has been designed to optimize the heat transfer and conversion process. This one, without exception, is decked out with a titanium counter-flow heat exchanger, while its body panels are equipped with reliable materials and advanced features providing UV-protection along with chemical corrosion resistance. These features make it most suitable to use in humid, tropical regions.

With all of the good things this pool heat pump grants its users, mainly due to its energy-efficient and high-tech features, another benefit of buying this Hayward model is the assurance that comes with it. 


  • UV and corrosion resistance
  • Energy efficient
  • Comprehensive warranty


  • Only ideal for small to medium sized pools

AquaCal Tropical T90 Heat Pump 96,000 BTU, T090AHDSBTD, 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 220v R410A
  • New 2021 Model, PoolSync Ready,
  • With the PoolSync WiFi Controller and app, you can adjust your heat pump's setting from the palm of your hand!

If you are in need of a magnificent heat pump but your budget is a bit tight, the AquaCal heat pump is the perfect choice for you. With this heat pump, not only you could use it for above-ground pools, but it could also work for small in-ground pools.

This heat pump is equipped with a smart microprocessor control accompanied by a high-tech LCD display, which increases its ease of use. The smart control function would also protect the exteriors against all kinds of weather elements with the lockable feature.

The AquaCal heat pump is also designed with a heat exchanger made from titanium, meaning that the machine is kept safe from corrosive substances and detrimental pool chemicals. This aspect would also provide longevity to the heat pump.


  • Lockable control panel, protected from surroundings
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Does not have the cool down function

Zodiac EE2500T EE-Ti 120000 BTUs Digital Titanium Heat Pump, 230-Volts, 6.3 COP, 1 Phase
  • EE-Ti 120000 BTUs digital titanium heat pump assembly
  • Proprietary twisted titanium heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer resulting in increased output, high efficiency and superior hydraulic flow

This heat pump model from Zodiac effectively absorbs air, converts it into thermal energy and then sends it into the pool water for heating. The machine is one of the best electric pool heat pumps out there at the moment. This machine also comes with a lifelong warranty against corrosion.

The machine is designed with an air defrost function which would make sure the machine would be able to continue working at a lower temperature. This heat pump is also equipped with a hot gas defrost chiller feature. This feature allows the heat pump to heat the pool even when the water is very cold, as the machine allows air energy to heat the pool as well as cool the pool on summer days.

This heat pump is also designed with advanced controls that provide programmable controls especially for pools, spas and many more options. There is also a patented auto-heat feature equipped to the machine that would automatically help maintain the temperature from the pool 24 hours per day.


  • Patented auto-heat feature, help maintain pool temperature
  • Hot gas chiller defrost feature
  • Lifetime warranty against corrosion


  • Requires a 230V outlet

AquaCal Tropical T115 Heat Pump 112,000 BTU, T115AHDSBTB 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 220v R410A
  • New 2021 Model, PoolSync Ready,
  • With the PoolSync WiFi Controller and app, you can adjust your heat pump's setting from the palm of your hand!

This pool heat pump from AquaCal is for anyone who would like to be guaranteed to have a very efficient time operating the machine as this has the best heat pump warranty out there at the moment. The warranty would cover various parts for over 7 years.

The heat pump is designed with the Patented Thermolink Titanium Heat Exchanger which would mean that the machine is built to last over a long period of time. This pump is perfect for any above-ground pools as well as small in-ground pools.

This heat pump is made to suit any kind of budget as it is an economy heat pump. The machine operates in a quieter manner compared to conventional heat pumps. This pump has a control panel that is lockable therefore, it is protected from the sun and weather surrounding the machine.


  • Quality warranty
  • Lockable control panel
  • Quiet operation


  • Quite difficult to use the control panel

TRANE TR21174T Residential Pool Heat Pump Titanium 110,000 BTU AHRI
  • Most recognized brand for duarbility and relaibility
  • Ultimate quiet performance

Considered as one of the best pool heat pump brands for inground pools, Trane has once again hit it out of the park with the TR21174T model. The combination of advanced technology, such as exclusive titanium heat exchanger and corrosion resistant evaporator coil, with enhanced adaptable features, i.e. digital LED control panel, make this a must-have heater when under harsh environmental conditions.

The front plumbing configuration makes for easy installation. The smart, intuitive control panel monitors heat pump performance and maintains pool temperature. Similar to other Trane pool heat pumps, this model features sound-dampening technology, allowing you to have a quiet, relaxing time in the backyard.


  • Quiet performance
  • Easy to monitor and change temperature (intuitive control panel)
  • Easy installation


  • None

Puri Tech Quiet Heat 127,000BTU Pool Heat Pump with Optimizer
  • Ideal for pools up to 35,000 gallons
  • Savings Optimizer saves up to $2,000 a year, extends the life of the pump, and reduces the noise of the system.

If you are looking for one of the best pool heat pumps out there that does not make many noises, this is the perfect machine for you. This Puri Tech pool heat pump is amongst the quietest heat pumps out there on the market at the moment.

A Savings Optimizer feature accompanies the machine, and it can ultimately heat a pool of as much as 35 000 gallons of water without needing a lot of electrical power. It also would extend the pump’s life. This heat pump is constructed with high-quality titanium; therefore, the cabinet is exceptionally durable and weatherproof.

This Puri Tech heat pump has control panels that are very simple to use, and it is lockable so that the control panels are protected from the weathers surrounding the machine. 


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Savings Optimizer feature
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Easy and straightforward to use


  • It seems to take quite a long time to recover from the previous heating session

Things You Should Know When Choosing The Best Pool Heat Pumps of 2021

Warming your pool with a heat pump is more energy-efficient and more economical in the long run than using a gas heater. Investing in a first-class heat pump is an effective way of improving your pool's condition and your home without giving rise to unnecessary expenses. Therefore, investing in a pool heat pump would be ideal in the long run.

Having the best pool heat pump allows you to easily adjust your swimming pool's temperature and keep it at the most desirable range without any hassles. But the trickiest part lies in identifying which of the heat pumps is the best one to have for your pool. 

Aside from the basic walkthroughs and specifications listed above, there are numerous factors one must take into account before purchasing a heat pump. This section will help you look at the things we consider essential and, thereby, help you select the best heat pump for your home.

pool heat pump plumbing

The Size of The Pool

It's staggering how many pool owners can overlook something as important as the pool's size. It is crucial to determine your pool's size to reference it to match the correct BTU (heat) output. Apart from the pool's physical dimensions, other factors can influence the heating process, such as humidity and wind exposure. The bigger the pool's size, the bigger the pool's heating load. And if your swimming pool has a high heating load, you'll need a pump with higher heat output. 

The Price/Cost Factor

As a long-term investment, electric pool heat pumps are the most popular choice among the three main kinds of heat pumps (solar, gas, electric, etc.) in regard to their cost efficiency, reliability, and durability. In general, heat pumps are expensive, and their price range is in the thousands. The size of a heat pump is directly proportional to its cost, meaning the larger the pump, the steeper the price. Of course, the cost of running a pool heat pump will vary according to your local climate. If you live in a warm environment, it will cost you less to operate. Consider choosing an affordable heat pump if you are on a tight budget.



The energy efficiency of a pool heat pump is measured using the Coefficient of Performance, otherwise known as COP. This indicator signifies that for every unit of electricity the pump operates, a certain amount of heat is produced, thereby giving the pool owner a very good idea of how much heat they are generating. The COP number is the yardstick of indicating how efficient the pump is - The larger the number, the more efficient it is. Since we all want to stop wasting electricity and be environmentally conscious, it is necessary to pick the heat pump with a high COP number. In short, remember to opt for a machine of high efficiency so you can minimize further problems regarding cost and performance.   

Smooth & Quiet Operation

You should be considerate when it comes to maintaining a pleasant and relaxing environment for your neighborhood. To keep the noise at a minimum level, you should find out more about the sound-dampening features of a heat pump, the fans blades and the motor, as well as the compressor.

California electric pool heating system 1024x768 1

Ease of Installation

There are a handful of pool heat pumps that are compact, most of which are designed in a way that is easy to install for anyone - even for those non-professionals with some knowledge on how electricity works. However, it is vital that the pump is installed correctly because if it is not, the pump's life span will be significantly reduced, not to mention the damages that will be done to your swimming pool. Furthermore, some manufacturers even go so far as to recommend hiring a professional to help you install the heating pump, and failure to do so will nullify your warranty.


Another thing to consider when choosing a heat pump for your pool is its longevity. We have mentioned earlier that heat pumps are great to have as a long-term investment. Therefore, you should select the model that is built to last long, so you don't have to spend money replacing it after a short while. The materials used and build quality make great reference points as to how long-lasting the pump might be. Another tip that indicates the item's durability is the manufacturer's warranty duration given to the buyer. The warranty duration suggests that the item should be up and running at least for that duration, and this timestamp can further signify which of the pool heat pumps is worth buying. 

Pool Heat Pump

Weather Condition

Not all heat pumps are made to function properly under extreme weather conditions. Most heat pumps tend to shut down or have issues during cold winter spells. The colder the air, the less energy your pump will be able to collect and convert into heat. Hence, it is essential to purchasing a pool heat pump based on the weather condition around your area. In doing so, you can get the most efficient result out of your heat pump without damaging it. 

Guarantees & Reliability

Getting a pool heat pump is a big deal since it's a big purchase. Therefore, you have to make sure the product you are going to purchase has the best warranty. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to confirm the parts and pieces of the heat pump are warranted for a reasonable amount of time, and doing so would minimize the costs of maintaining it. Some manufacturers provide consumers with a lifetime warranty, as is the case with the Aquapro VIGOH77. However, ten-year warranties are more common among heat pumps but some only cover the hardware, not the mechanical parts. 

screen shot 2018 04 28 at 92732 pm


Heat pumps, like any other products, come in various sizes. Some are huge, and some are compact. If space is a problem, when looking for a pool heat pump, it is recommended that you opt for the ones with slim design that can be installed in a number of ways, so you have more room to maneuver.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Takeaway: Our Top 5 Picks of The Best Pool Heat Pumps of 2021

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you have to close your pool for the extended period. Seeing that this post has provided you with various options to choose from, based on our experience, we’ve decided to narrow the list down to just five items that will give years of enjoyable pool experiences - five of which we think are the best heat pumps on the market.

The table below will give you a summarized account of each pool heat pump’s unique features, which will facilitate the process of choosing the right product.


Best Rated Pool Heat Pumps with the Highest Efficiency

No products found.


Best Heat Pump for Small to Medium Sized Pools

No products found.


Best High-tech Heat Pump for Any Pool Size

No products found.


Best Heat Pump for Environmentally Conscious Users

No products found.


Best Pool Heat Pump Above Ground Pools

No products found.

Due to our financial circumstance and our personal preferences, we all hold different opinions on certain products. What we consider affordable and beautiful might not be the same for other people. So, the purpose of this article is just to provide you with information and reference on the account of selecting the best heat pump for your home. If you have something you would like to share with us in regard to this post, please let us know in the comment section down below.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Pool Heat Pumps at the comment box below!

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