Top 11 Best Log Jacks: Suitable For Financial Conditions

Imagine that where you live just went through a heavy storm, making everything like a mess with trees falling. At that moment, you need the best log jack that is easy and efficient to lift those huge trees out of your beauty place. We would say you do not want to harm yourself by raising them with bare hands.

A timber jack is a crucial woodworking utensil that assists you transferring, lifting or cutting logs and big trees. It operates similar to peavey, however effectively a log jack can create more traction with the bent spike and hook. Besides, it also decreases the risk of harms and backache and is simple to use.

This tool makes lifting work simpler that you should invest for your home. If you want to access a large wood to make a fireplace for your family to enjoy outside activity, using a log jack would be easier and faster to lift the wood instead of bare hands. 

The journey to find the best timber jack is tricky. Therefore, based on our research, we will give brief overviews but go into particulars of 11 outstanding log jacks to support you find the best one.

Best Log Jacks Comparison 2023

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Top 11 Best Log Jacks Reviews 2023

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LogOX 3-in-1 – The Back Saving Log Hauler

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This product is the best log jack as you can get 3-in-1 functions in a tool. By relocating several pieces around, your LogOX may change into any of these useful 3 devices:

  • A log jack: The model is 38’’ timberjack that can lift logs up to a wide of 12’’. This creates a firm raised cutting platform, so that it helps to avoid restrain damage for strikes, bar squeeze and risky kickback. A T-shape bar affixes effortlessly without extra tools thanks to clevis pins. 
  • A cant hook: It can be easily extended for additional leverage. Rolling logs about 32’’ in diameter with the pointed ground hook tip and slating toe design. With this LogOX log jack, you not only save time and money, but also keep away from back pain caused by tree care work.  
  • A log transformer: Speedly engage, pick up and move rounded logs or divided pieces without repeatedly bending over. This mechanical benefit reduces your back strain problem for 93%. 

The LogOx model is an excellent value, in terms of both money and space. If you require a diversity of tools, but solely can afford for one, then this product is a must have. This log jack is made of a jagged, empty frame, American steel production so you can feel secure about the quality. 

The brand offers users with a warranty of 100% Ironclad lifetime.


  • Functional device with 3-in-1 roles
  • Lift logs up to 12’’ diameter
  • Save time, money and saving space
  • Reduce back pain issues
  • Roll logs around 32’’
  • Quickly assembled to use
  • High-quality materials made


  • High price
  • A little annoying to change the device, if you want to switch functions regularly

Woodchuck Tool Log Lifter

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This log jack model is a combination between the dual and jack with toe life and back foot. The double feet maintain handle from digging in the ground. It possesses a detachable jack in the front with a folding peavey spot. The toe lift helps you easily relocate by removing the hook from the log. 

It can raise logs ranging from 5 to 20 inch diameters, and spins woods up to 30 inches. You do not have to take time to assemble, this device can be used immediately whenever you want.  

The product is constructed and built in the USA with great-quality aluminum and high power steel, which makes sure about the quality and durability. 

You will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 


  • Extremely sturdy and sustainable design
  • Easy to use
  • Do not need to assemble
  • Toe lift for easy relocating
  • Can be able to lift up to 20 inch logs, rolling approximately 30 inch logs
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • High-quality aluminum used to produce


  • Quite expensive
  • Limited log diameters

Woodchuck Timberjack Tool B00C4WQ10A

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The Woodtruck model is designed with all metal, making it a strong tool that can lift logs up to 48 inches. The hook is made of steel while aluminum is used to produce the handle. It would be the best log jack as it provides users a long-lasted durability use. 

This model has a 48-inch long handle, the tool’s weight is 10 pounds, which is easy for you if you want to carry it around. With user-friendly design and lightweight, the product offers customers a well-balanced log lifter and the smallest fatigue. 

You will get a simple experience when working with heavy wood blocks thanks to its 20’’ log diameters. This tool owns a 6-inch minimum diameter that will keep you away from troubles when having to buy individual work devices for every distinctive workpiece. 

It has 2 feet, which operates much better for assisting instead of one leg. Another great feature on this model is that the handle is rubberized. So you can get a non-slip grip and tough control of the tool while working with bigger woods.


  • Sturdy metal used to make
  • Flexible appliance for small and bigger logs
  • Two feet that helps users much effortless to lift or roll logs
  • The ideal long handle offers leverage with no need of bending
  • Hook is simple to locate
  • Lightweight


  • It is suitable for small height due to its 2-leg design
  • May break if dealing with too high weight material

Happybuy 47’’ Timberjack – Log Jack

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This best log jack is made of aluminum alloy and the grip is produced by PC material. These materials are trustworthy for durability and sustainability. You will get a long-lasting timber jack that is hard to be bent and broken, really strong and reliable. 

With an user-friendly design, you can access it easily to lift, move or even cut woods. A long handle offers labor-saving force and the PC material is featured for relief and firm grip. The product comes with a pair of gloves, bringing customers with a better lifting work experience. 

You can assemble speedly and effortlessly without any tools needed. All the log jack’s parts such as the cant hook, peavey spot and the jack are removable for saving storage space. Besides, it is also simple to run.

The model is suitable for general managing logs, for example releasing frozen small woods, relocating log ends, rotating logs with relief, and raising logs for sawing.


  • Enough sizes for small to bigger lifting wood works
  • Produced from high-quality aluminum material for durable and sustainable purpose
  • Hard to be bent or broken
  • Strong and trustworthy product
  • User-friendly design offers user easily operate for woodworking
  • Gloves included
  • Effortless to assemble


  • May not be able to handle too high weight logs or woods

Ironton Wooden Handle Timberjack

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The Ironton is appealingly designed by the polished wood, which makes it look natural and delightful. This is the best log jack with 48 inches long, which provides you an adequate lever to transport. Also, you can find it with more durability with metallic tube-shaped handles.

This product is a multi-functional appliance, operating as a cant hook and a lumberman. It only weighs 16 pounds, light to carry whenever you want with a little bit of effort. 

Another great thing about this timber jack is its wooden holder. The handle is surrounded by rubber that gives it convenient and easy to use. It provides smooth tough to keep you from hurting by cutting and lifting the logs. The red oak thick used to ensure the jack strength enough to last long.  

However, this Ironton log jack is not able to deal with large trees or woods. Besides, it is also not suitable for professional goals.


  • An user-friendly design of 48-inch wood holder
  • 2-in-1 functions: a log jack and a cant hook
  • Easy to substitute the timber handle
  • Keep your back from painting
  • Beautiful price
  • Removable metal jack leg
  • Durable hook


  • Restricted log diameter
  • Wood holder is not enough sustainable
  • Cannot be able to deal with heavy material

Roughneck Double Hook Steel Timberjack

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The Roughneck log lifter has a long length of 60 inches, which the standard length is 48 inches, so this feature may annoy some users. This product’s handle is created from fiberglass that is obviously sturdier compared to wood, and equal in aluminum’s strength. 

There is a real steel bar that goes through the entire length within the handle, which makes it extra powerful than just a normal fiberglass holder. The advantage point is the timber jack connection can be taken out, transferring it into a can hanger. This model owns 2 hooks that may make it take and embrace onto trees or woods easier.

This log jack can handle logs around 20’’ (50.8 cm) in diameter, however, it can still work on somewhat greater logs. The tool’s grip is constructed from rough rubber, which helps you use the timber jack more easily and relax. 

If you are caring about the weight, this product is quite high so it may cause some unpleasant experience for some users.


  • The handle made of fiberglass, gives it stronger and more powerful
  • The log jack can be removed to turn it into a cant hook
  • Hook can be able to bend every time
  • Detachable jack stand
  • 2 hooks make it easy to hold trees or materials easier
  • Can lift around 20 inches
  • Rubber surrounds the grip, giving users more relax and effortless to use


  • High weight, making it quite tricky to carry around
  • Limited supporting diameter
  • Long length compared to others, can annoy some users

Timber Tuff TMB-45 Steel Handled Timberjack

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The steel handled timber jack boosts the log off the land for an efficient chainsaw. Removable lowest stand is featured for rolling logs. It is the best log jack with 2 parts of steel holder for saving storage spaces and also helps to maintain stability. That means that no matter the weight of timber blocks you roll or raise with it, the log jack will not bend or damage.

There is a coat that powdered surrounding the tool to extra help with durability and force. This timber jack boosts 11-inch logs or woods off the ground. That statistic is extremely high although it just has the height of 14 inches. You can control that height to defend your chainsaw, but still be easily cut wood. 

The handle length is 48’’, thanks to this log jack long enough to work with every material. This device is suitable for lightweighting logs, however, not work well with heavier and greater ones.


  • Strong and durable structure
  • 2-in-1 function: a peavey and a lumberjack at a time
  • Woodworking is easier with the long handle
  • High-quality material made
  • Saving storage space
  • Reasonable price


  • Restricted log diameter
  • Only suitable for lightweighting logs

Right Hand Triple Thick Log Lifter

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This multi-purpose manual timber jack permits you to elevate, relocation, roll and securely cut from small to bigger logs. It is incredibly versatile and can deal with 3’’ to 15’’ logs in diameter.

This Right Hand model is the best log jack thanks to its sturdy and durable steel manufacture. It is coated by heavy-duty steel powder, providing extra strength. The timber jack protects the quality through all weather with rustproof functioning for years of outside use. Lightweight construction is a great way for transporting.

This tool can handle the most weighty of logs with no need of digging into the ground. It spares chains from getting trapped in the ground as well as avoids kickback for enhanced safety, effectively and cut performance. 

This product features an ergonomic handle that brings users more comfort to use. You can freely move, organize and cut wood for a while without concerning pain issues of back, neck and shoulder as well. 

It is easy to assemble so you can get a useful tool for log cutting in a few seconds. The manual instruction is included to help you set up a perfect hardware kit. With this Right Hand model, you will enjoy conveniences of a high-quality log jack in one strong and robust device.


  • Multi-purpose permits users to elevate, relocation and cut timbers at a time
  • Sturdy and durable steel manufacture
  • Made of heavy-duty powder steel to extra strength
  • Rustproof allows to use for years in all seasons
  • Lightweight is convenient for transporting
  • Protect your chainsaw
  • Ergonomic handle provides more comfort 
  • Easily assemble


  • Limited log in diameter
  • Quite loose fighting

Steel Timberjack 4-in-1 Multitool

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This best log jack is 48’’, which lifts speedly up to 12’’ logs in diameter. This creates a firm elevated cutting surface to avoid damages of chain caused by ground impacts, tube pinch and risky kickback. It is crafted of sustainable steel material.

The advantage of this tool is its lightweight so you can easily carry whenever you want. Comes with a long handle of 27’’, widens your access and is not necessary to bend over. The hook is securely designed by zinc-plated high-quality, providing a long-lasting hold.

This tool is also easy to clean a jam and keep you safe while lifting or cutting logs. You can speedly engage, raise and transport rounded logs or divided into pieces without repeatedly bending yourself. That helps to keep you from painting back and neck. The ergonomic grip offers you to simply turn this device into a cant hook for log rolling works.

You can get a strong and durable timber jack for lifting, drawing and rolling logs from 2’’ to 12’’ in diameter in this product.


  • 4-in-1 functional tool
  • Works up to 12’’ logs in diameter
  • High-quality steel used to produce
  • Lightweight gives convenient for carrying
  • Strong hookGreat price
  • Easy for clean
  • Keep you from painting in back and neck


  • The cutting edge is not as sharp as it should be
  • Quite tricky to fix 
  • Fairly difficult for newbie using jack

Biltek Steel Handled Log Jack

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Biltek is a well-known brand in firewood cutting and log lifting businesses. It features a steel handle that offers you transport trees as well as timbers effortlessly. You do not have to dig the saw into the dirt to log cutting with this tool. It can deal with lifting 10 inches of logs in diameter off the land.

Lightweighting construction makes it convenient and easy for you to carry anywhere. This log jack is 51 inches long that is greater than ideal length. That is annoying for some users. The entire tool is produced from great-quality steel that brings rust resistance, so you can feel secure about the durable and sustainable woodworking process.

This brand guarantees that customers will get even more long-lasting and efficient performance. The tool with a long handle can be able to lift 12 inches of logs off the ground.

The device is the best for budget but still ensures you with the greatest quality. Besides, this best log jack can be able to manage separately to lift a weighty and lengthy log. You can easily take out the lowest stand from the entire body. That assists to roll the woods so you can effortlessly move it.


  • The whole log jack is created from stainless steel, guaranteeing effectiveness and durability
  • Can be able to lift 10 inches of logs 
  • Removable bottom stand for convenient rolling logs
  • Cheap in price
  • Save you from back and shoulder pain issues
  • Rust resistance


  • Not as sturdy as it should be
  • Some users complained about defective products when it arrived
  • The log jack length is 52 inches that exceed the standard length, making some users uncomfortable

1940 Earth Worth Log Lifter

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This Earth Worth timber jack designs a wooden holder and a metallic segment head. It just weighs 9 pounds, therefore, you can effortlessly carry it around. The tool features one foot, a constructed detail that formulates it ideal for lifting woods.

This is the best log jack that helps to avoid dangerous kickbacks. The device size is 14 inches. It prevents your chainsaw from digging the ground as it will be jacked up to minimum damages.

The handle is 45’’ and featured an ergonomic structure that is convenient for you to hold and work with logs. You will get 15’’ in the log diameter by this Earth Worth jack. This limited diameter allows you to lift up huge logs, however, it may cause problems with an extra-wide material block. 

The drawback of this log jack is that it may not be strong enough to work with enormous logs. The metal component leans towards the curve under large weights. However, this device holds wood well, you are capable to easily roll heavy timbers with it.


  • Assists to raise wood to an upper height for sawing
  • The wooden holder is firm and smooth
  • Lightweight for convenient to carry around
  • Made of heavy-duty material for durability and sustainability
  • Great price
  • Keep well-balanced while working


  • Some buyers found it miss some parts
  • Limited diameter

Completely Buying Instruction: Key Features Should Consider To Choose The Best Log Jack

Picking the best log jack would be time-consuming as you have to consider a lot of things before making a purchase. Timber jacks present with a variety of weights and lengths, so you need to focus on what you want to choose the right one. Most of them ensure excellent service and performance, but some can end up disappointed. Therefore, we will list some important factors that you should rely on to get a satisfied product. Let’s discover them!

Working Aims

This is one of the most vital things to pay attention to while choosing the best log jack. Not every timber jack can meet all the demands you want. So determining your foremost purposes to narrow your search on thousand log lifter options on the market.

A tool that comes with a huge opening diameter and a weighty body is suitable for professional goals. It is smooth and strong enough to lift huge woods and trees and even large vehicles. 

On the other hand, a lightweight and small log lifter are ideal for home firewood cutting or raising smaller logs and trees.

Log Opening Diameter

Another essential thing to take into consideration before buying a timber jack. This is the space area among 2 parts of the log jack where the woods or trees are kept and lifted. You need to be careful on examining this feature, so that you can work easily and correctly with logs. 

If you are a skilled person and wish to buy timber jack for qualified purposes, you should consider a greater opening diameter. 

However, if you would like to use the log lifter for firewood cutting, a minor opening diameter is sufficient to work the aims. Therefore, you should clearly know your purposes prior to finalizing the purchasing decision.


In our opinion, the wooden construction seems unusual compared to metallic design. However, the metals will last longer than the wooden material. Log jacks with wooden design are also not suitable enough to lift or transport huge and weighty logs. You ought to have a log jack with a metal body to work with large logs.

The best log jack will present with stainless steel or cast iron material. These stuffs ensure you more strength to keep logs easily. They also guarantee good quality to maintain the log weight  that you desire to transfer or lift. 

The timber jack made of metallic steel will not easily get damaged like the wooden material. It may be really tricky to differentiate among distinctive quality levels of steel. Therefore, a tip for you is to start searching well-known brands. This is a great technique to make sure your timber jack is being created from high-quality material.

Lift Height Capacity

The greater  the lift height, the simpler the lifting and transporting. Normally, the timber jack can deal with 10 to 20 inches of logs or trees in diameter off the ground. Thanks to that, the chainsaw will not get hit or digged dirt when lifting logs and trees. 

Furthemore, it is effortless to transfer the logs when they have not approached the land. You should pick a log jack that the height can be adjustable as it can cause troubles to hold an unchangeable height. 

Ergonomic Handle

If you often work with firewood cutting or tree lifting for hours, then an ergonomic handle will definitely be a useful feature. A best log jack ought to make your work more effective and decrease the force on you.

Particularly, you also need to consider timber jacks with double feet, that means you do not need to bend your back too much to roll a log. 


This issue will depend on the materials utilized and the quality of the producing process to make a log jack. Make sure your timber jack device includes an excellent manufacturer warranty. The warranty policies will ensure you a high-quality product and good customer service as well. You can comfortably use your log lifter without worrying of any damages. 

We attach this video on how to use a log jack properly and efficiently so that you can refer to woodworking easily.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Log Jack

In order to choose the best log jack for your preferences and demands, you should clearly determine your working purpose. Log lifters are a useful tool for you to lift and cut trees or woods that brings you minimum issues. You do not have to use much effort while lifting logs with a timber jack and also save much time. 

We propose you our 5 top picks of the best log jack based on our experiences:

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Investing in a log jack brings you a lot of benefits. It helps to minimize the issues, risk of harm and save your back from pain. You can make a comparison with all proposed products and finalize the best suitable one that meets your demands.

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