Are you looking for a way to add some security to your home? If so, you may be considering a wireless doorbell kit. These kits offer many benefits, including the ability to see who is at your door without having to open it. 

Check out the Nissar White Wireless Doorbell kit, and you can easily install a doorbell without any wiring. Wireless doorbell kits come with everything you need to install a doorbell, including the doorbell, transmitter, and receiver. This doorbell kit is perfect for any home or office and comes with everything you need for easy installation.

Nissar White Wireless Doorbell Kit: Detail & Features


The doorbell has undergone a complete revamp in recent years. Now, homeowners can enjoy the latest options, including wireless bells and video reveals as well!

Wireless doorbells are a great choice for those who want convenience. They’re much easier to install and uninstall when you move home, which means no more wiring or power outlets that may be hard to find in your new place! If quality matters most, then Wireless versions from brands like Nissar will definitely meet all of your needs with their high-tech features at affordable prices too. 

The best way to welcome visitors into your home is with a front porch that they will never forget. With so many styles and designs available, you’ll have no trouble finding just what suits both your style of yours as well as their personality.

Below we reveal the features Nissar Wireless Doorbell kit right now.

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  • Signal frequency: 433Mhz
  • Receiver Voltage: AC 110-260V; 50Hz/60Hz
  • Transmitter Button Battery: 3V CR2032
  • Receivers Size: 4.4*2.2*2.6inch/112*55*66mm
  • Transmitter Size: 2.8*1.6*0.8inch/72*40*20mm
  • Is approved by CE, RoHs, FCC

Extra Socket Design

This wireless doorbell kit contains two plug-in receivers and one transmitter. The batteryless design means you don’t need to worry about dead batteries or warranties! You can use these as sockets if needed, saving space in your house while providing power for mobile phones, tablets, TV, etcetera.

The self-powered button is a great solution for those who want their doorbells to be environmentally friendly and never run out of battery! This model uses CR2032 lithium cells, which provide ultra-long life (up 3-4 years) and low power consumption – so you won’t have to change it frequently like other types do when they die after just one or two uses.

Ultra Long Operating Range & Ultra-Long Battery Life

This Wireless door bells chime is perfect for when you need to get some peace and quiet. It has an operating range up to 1000ft/300M without bothering people or neighbors, perfect for when you want to get your foot in the front door without waking up someone next door. 

IP55 Super Waterproof & LED Flash

Nissar doorbell ringer is a high-quality, durable product that can withstand different harsh conditions. It has an IP55 dustproof and waterproof rating, so it’ll work in any condition from -4°F to 140 ° F.

Also, the blue LED lights make it easy for the hearing impaired to notice when someone rings their bell, and they can serve as your best bells.

38 Beautiful Ringtones & Mute Mode

This device features 38 melodies and 5 levels of adjustable volume from 0dB up to 120 dB, so you can choose what sounds best based on how many people will be hearing it, where they’re located in the house (elevated areas might require lower volumes), or if the sound should even out at all times throughout. 

With a ring tone memory function, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your favorite song or volume level after an outage. The doorbell can also choose between silent mode so that they don’t wake up babies when it rings–and if things get really bad? In addition, the light on their bell will also flash, making finding Visitors easy peasy.

Easy to Install

Nissar doorbell package includes screws and double-sided adhesive tapes so you can easily install it on the frame of your transmitter and an outlet nearby. Simply plug in the receiver near where you want the sound to come out (it has its own battery), and put the button where someone will push the ring – no need to call an electrician or worry about setting up wires anymore because these things work over vast distances without needing power sources.

FAQs about The Nissar Wireless Doorbell kit


How Do Wireless Doorbells Work?

Wireless doorbells are devices that do not require wiring, but Wi-Fi ones can only send alerts through an internet connection.

Therefore wireless doorbells are a great option for those who want the flexibility of not being limited by their internet connection. You can install it when you move into your new home or if you are renting and then remove it from a location without having any trouble with wires getting in between.

When the wireless doorbell is pressed, a radio signal is sent to activate sound indicating someone at your front doorstep. Smart devices take this one step further by sending information over Wi-Fi so you can get alerts on mobile phones.

Do Wireless Doorbells Need Batteries?

All wireless doorbells will need batteries for them. The type of battery you need for your wireless doorbell will depend on what kind it is. For example, those from Nissar come with large packs that can often be removed without needing to take out everything else in order just charge them up again- but some others may require charging or old-fashioned AA/AAA batteries being swapped out every so often.

Why Does My Wireless Doorbell Ring By Itself?

It’s a little bit offputting when your wireless doorbell rings for no reason, and you’re left wondering, “Why?” The answer is that we live in an era of smart products where signals get crossed sometimes. There are many wireless smart products that can cause electronic signals to get crossed and confuse individual devices.

Your doorbell needs a good cleaning, and if there are signs of dirt or muck inside, then all you’ll need to do is use the included brush and dust cloth.

Does a wireless doorbell automatically open the door?

No, The wireless bell only sends out a signal when someone presses the doorbell button. You can either go to open up yourself or connect it with an electric opener, so you don’t need any extra work.

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Final Words

The convenience of installing a doorbell without running cables or drilling holes is worth the price alone. The low installation effort also makes it easy for tenants since they won’t need permission from their owner in advance if this intrusion were to occur.

The Nissar Wireless Doorbell kit is a great product for anyone who is looking for an easy and affordable way to add a doorbell to their home. The kit includes everything you need to install the doorbell, and the instructions are easy to follow. The doorbell itself is very stylish and will add a touch of class to any home.

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