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The material your miter saw stand is made of will influence a fair number of other qualities both positively and negatively. While there is no material that is best for all situations, there are distinct qualities that can help influence your decision one way or the other.

For instance, the material will likely play a role in determining how durable the stand is. That consideration can also come from an exposure standpoint, unless you exclusively intend to use your miter stand inside a climate-controlled shop.

Finally, the different materials will provide some insight into how difficult it is to transport the miter saw from one place to another–though its type will also play a big role.

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  • Steel – Out of all the materials on this list, few are as strong and durable as steel. If properly cared for, steel can last for decades without showing signs of wear.On top of being the most durable material, steel is also the strongest and least prone to bending or giving out under heavy weight.That said, there are a fair number of concerns when it comes to steel miter saw stands, specifically because all this strength and durability does not come without a price. One of the bigger issues with steel is its weight, as it is significantly heavier than all the other materials on this list.In fact, steel is only workable as a miter saw stand if it is a small kickstand or if it is a larger, rolling pneumatic stand. Another potential concern with steel is that it can rust or corrode when exposed to water for extended periods of time, unless it is pretreated with some type of protective coating.
  • Aluminum – If you are looking for the best mix of strength and portability, then an aluminum unit is probably your best option. Though it is not quite as strong as steel, aluminum is comparably strong and rarely finds a consumer or professional application where it cannot withstand the rigors of the job.On top of being the second-strongest material on our list, aluminum is also naturally anti-corrosive and rust-resistant, so you do not need to worry as much about maintenance and care when used around water. Aluminum is also one of the lighter materials on our list, whose combination of weight and strength to make it ideally suited for miter saw stands. That said, aluminum stands are often more expensive than their steel counterparts and are usually not used for the entire frame of a pneumatic stand. Still, if nothing else, you should always look for a product whose smaller components are made of aluminum as opposed to plastic or steel.
  • Plastic – Of all the materials on this list, plastic is by far the least effective for the various tasks required of a miter saw stand. In fact, due to the inclusion of heavy power tools and work materials, plastic simply does not have sufficient durability outside of serving as a buffer between the user and the various edges or corners of the stand.We would even go so far as to say that you can use the amount of plastic used in the construction of a stand as a way to differentiate between two otherwise identical products. That said, there are some potentially good things about plastic, depending on what you are doing. For instance, plastic is both the lightest and the least expensive material on our list. In fact, if you simply need a miter saw stand for light work with smaller tools, plastic can be a suitable substitute for better quality materials without affecting the experience and results.
  • Rubber – Rubber is not used for many parts, but all those places where rubber is sometimes used directly affects your experience of using that product. The first instance is for a rolling-type of miter saw stand. In this case, you will almost always prefer rubber wheels over hard plastic.For one, rubber is much better at absorbing the shock of rolling while still providing a more durable wheel in general.Another area to look for rubber is at the points where you are expected to hold or grab the miter saw stand during setup or breakdown. Keep in mind that a stand may have a foam coating for certain points of contact – like a carrying or moving handle – but there is usually a rubber core underneath. Finally, if you are using a kickstand type of miter saw stand, then you will want the feet of the kickstand legs to be tipped with non-streaking rubber to provide stability.
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The type of miter saw stand refers to how it is constructed, the maximum weight it can hold and how easy it is to transport, among other qualities. It is an unfortunate paradox that the largest products generally have the lowest weight capacities due to their type.

The type will also often play a large part in how easy it is to set up or break down. That said, one of the biggest differences between the different types of miter saw stands is the price, with more convenience costing a premium. It is important to consider how fine the work is that you will be doing and how often you will be moving the stand before selecting the type you want to use.

  • Pneumatic – This type is defined by the ease with which you can raise or lower the stand’s height. Rather than having a joint with legs that you must unfold each time, this type uses pneumatic cylinders to make raising and lowering as easy as turning a knob or pulling a trigger. That said, this means the miter saw stand’s maximum weight capacity is not entirely determinant on the materials used for the frame and joints. The hydraulics of the pneumatic system place another limitation on the maximum weight capacity, such that pneumatic almost always have the lowest maximum weight capacities. However, for most general purposes and for even a majority of professional situations, the maximum weight capacity is Generally acceptable. Still, another potential concern with pneumatic miter saw stands is they will often occupy a significant amount of space due to the hydraulic system and, more often than not, a wheel-mounted frame. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that this type of miter saw stand will often stow the miter saw mounted to it.
  • Kickstand – This is the most basic type and the simplest of the bunch, resembling carpentry horses with mounts. That said, kickstand is by far the strongest type of miter saw stand. This is due in a large part to the fact that they do not need accommodate anything other than the material and design construction of their joints. This allows them to provide maximum weight capacities well-above double that of the best pneumatic units.On top of that, kickstand miter saw stands are often designed to be used universally with a wide variety of mounter power saws.Finally, kickstand units are generally significantly lighter than pneumatic and do not always require the space necessary for a large frame with wheels.
  • Rolling – This is not so much a type of miter saw stand as a defining quality of either the pneumatic or kickstand. Essentially, the best thing about a rolling stand is that it makes the stand significantly easier to transport.On top of that, a solidly built rolling stand will often provide a more level surface in an uneven setting than a leg-supported.There are not many potential concerns other than maintenance in the event that the wheels fail for whatever reason – in which case the miter saw stand immediately goes from being the most convenient and portable type to being an immobile block of frustration and effort.As such, it is important to see how easy it is to maintain a rolling stand before purchasing it. Also, if you are only planning on using it in one place, a rolling type may be unnecessary.


As you can see, there is no single miter saw stand that is going to satisfy all people equally. Some people may need to use their stand on the go, especially if they have professional applications in mind.
On the other hand, those who plan to work in their workshop might appreciate portability, but they will have different expectations–and a different budget.

For those on the go, we recommend the Bosch T4B with its incredibly convenient and durable Gravity-Rise pneumatic lift system.

On top of that, the entire frame and mounted wheels are all made to the highest of standards, making it the best option on our list for a contractor or crewman looking for a serious product. If you have a workshop large enough, it will perform well in that setting too.

If you only plan to use your miter saw stand in a single workshop, you likely do not need to worry about large frames and heavy-duty wheels. That said, additional storage is always nice, which is why for the workshop, we recommend the DEWALT DWX726.

Though it is not necessarily the strongest in terms of maximum weight capacity, it is designed to be stored vertically with the miter saw still mounted to it. It even has 6ʺ wheels to make moving it easy.



DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty with Miter Saw Mounting Brackets (DWX725B),Silver
  • Compact design of DEWALT miter saw stand allows easy transport and storage
  • 1000lb capacity (each) of DEWALT miter saw stand handles the toughest jobs
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (17 lbs.) allows for easy transport to and from the jobsite
  • Legs provide superior support and fold for easy storage
  • Leg Lock Levers allow for fast and easy set up

Best Miter Saw Stand Under $100

Not all job sites or workshops require a dedicated miter saw stand. Quite often, a simple work stand that can bat in a pinch is a better alternative.

To that end, DEWALT, one of the biggest names in power tools, appeals to this versatile demand with the DEWALT DWX725B.

Strictly speaking, this unit skirts the line between the different types of stands, but it is capable of handling many of the more common miter saw cuts.The DEWALT DWX725B is essentially a workshop horse, except it also has the ability to mount a miter saw onto it.

Oddly enough, the mounting brackets are actually fairly limited to DEWALT brand miter saws, so if you do not have a DEWALT miter saw, there is no need to continue further.

That said, this work stand has the highest maximum weight capacity on our list at 1000 pounds, which is twice as much as the next closest competitor. On top of that, the DEWALT DWX725B is also the lightest miter saw stand we found, thanks in a large part to its aluminum frame.


  • A less expensive unit
  • Supports a 3ʹ maximum clearance length
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Has a working height of 3ʹ
  • Frame made of aluminum
  • The lightest miter saw stand reviewed
  • Has folding legs for storage
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to transport in pairs


  • Mounts are not universal
  • Base is slightly narrow

HTC PM-4000

BORA Portamate PM-4000 - Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand with Quick Attach Tool Mounting Bars
  • A cut above - The Bora Portamate PM-4000 is the best, most practical, hassle-free stand you’ll find for miter saws or chop saws. Constructed of tubular steel with a powder-coated finish, This rugged yet lightweight saw stand can support up to 500 lbs. And is compatible with Miter saws up to 12 inches, including compound sliding saws.
  • Cut out for convenience - setup is quick and simple, as the folding legs swing Under the center portion and are secured by pins that snap into position. Stand folds up for easy transport, storage and carrying from your vehicle to the worksite. Folded size is 43. 5" W x 20" D x 6. 5" H and Weighs only 30 lbs. Without a saw.
  • Switch gears & mount add tools - quick-attach saw mounts allow for easy mounting of your saw, as well as other tools which you can switch around, set up and take down quickly – hardware is included. Additional mount sets sold separately offer a wider variety of tools that you can use with your PM-4000 stand.
  • Makes the cut – our PM-4000 saw stand was specially designed to provide the ideal ergonomic working height of 36 inches, so professional contractors and day's can work safely and comfortably while making cuts with absolute precision and secure stability.

Best Low Budget Miter Saw Stand

HTC is a unique company on our list in that it is strictly a brand owned by a larger company, Bora Tools – though it did not start out as such.

Regardless, the HTC lineup of Bora Tools makes use of the HTC specialization in mounting hardware and moving equipment. That said, neither of these brands are as well-known outside of their niche focus, which ultimately drops the price well below their competitors.

This is mostly a no-frills kickstand miter saw stand that is primarily a high-value option.

As a kickstand, the HTC PM-4000 may not top the list for any of the most relevant specs, but it will generally meet your needs depending on the type of work you are doing.

If you are making a lot of rough cuts, this product can keep up with the fastest pace with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

This stand’s primary issue is that, even though it is made out of durable steel, the HTC PM-4000’s legs are too thin and a tad too high-angled. This makes it a bit wobbly – though this causes more of an issue with cut precision than actual risk.


  • The least expensive miter saw stand reviewed
  • Supports a 13ʹ maximum clearance length
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Has a working height of 3ʹ
  • Has snap-pin legs for storage
  • Has quick-attach mounts
  • Frame made of steel
  • One of the lighter units
  • Can be upgraded


  • Slightly wobbly
  • Uses a fair amount of plastic

Bosch T4B

BOSCH Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand T4B
  • ADJUSTABLE: Featuring a Bosch-exclusive, patented Gravity Rise System designed for rapid set up and easy breakdown, taking the toughest jobs to the next level
  • CAPACITY: The Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter saw stand has up to 18 feet of material capacity, the highest capacity among fully portable units
  • PORTABLE: Built with 8-Inch pneumatic wheels for ease of transport over jobsite terrain with even the heaviest miter saws attached
  • UNIVERSAL: Featuring Rapid Release tool mounts - for use with most major competitors miter saws. Adjustable out feed -up to 12 inch in height
  • DURABLE: Equipped with adjustable leveling feet for stability and durability on uneven surfaces. Material - Steel

Best Performing Miter Saw Stand

While Bosch may not necessarily have the same, ubiquitous brand-name recognition that DEWALT does, professionals and enthusiasts alike are well aware of the impressive track record and reputation Bosch has built up for itself throughout the more than 130 years of this venerable company’s storied history.

While Bosch is not necessarily known for manufacturing the most powerful power tools, they have made their name by focusing instead on precision and long-term quality. As such, it should come as no surprise that the Bosch T4B is rated as our Editor’s Choice Best-Performing product.

While it is not the only model of its type on our list, it is still hard to deny how great it is that the Bosch T4B is a rolling pneumatic miter saw stand. The hydraulic system makes lifting or lowering the stand a snap with a simple turn of a switch.

In fact, this pneumatic stand sets itself apart from the rest by having the patented Gravity-Rise System, which actually earned Bosch numerous awards for its innovation in the mounted power saw stand market. Aside from the fact that this feature makes setup and breakdown a breeze, it is also noted for being a more reliable hydraulic system over the long run.

Finally, the Bosch T4B comes with self-leveling feet, so you do not have to worry about your project slipping or if the ground is perfectly level.

As a rolling pneumatic miter saw, the Bosch T4B might offer plenty of value upfront, but the value it provides over the long-term truly sets it head and shoulders above the rest of the stands on our list.

For instance, this unit features a frame made out of steel, giving it high durability. Additionally, the various connections and supports of the Bosch T4B are made of aluminum. Even better, the Bosch T4B tops the list in terms of wheel quality by providing 8ʺ wheels made of rubber.

One thing to keep in mind is that this makes the Bosch T4B a great miter saw stand when everything is functioning well, but it can be costly to fix and nearly useless if it fails.


  • Uses Gravity-Rise System
  • Supports an 18ʹ maximum length clearance
  • Has 8ʺ pneumatic wheels
  • Features a universal rapid-release mount
  • Self-leveling feet
  • Wheels made of rubber
  • Frame made of steel
  • Supports made of aluminum
  • Can mount a wide variety of saw types


  • The most expensive product reviewed
  • The heaviest stand reviewed


DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Collapsible and Portable, Holds Up to 300 lbs (DWX726)
  • Easily adjustable mounting rails of DEWALT miter saw stand adapt to nearly any miter saw
  • Miter saw stand with wheels featuring wide rubber grip provide easy jobsite mobility
  • The rolling miter saw stand features three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering for the ultimate in flexibility and ease of set up
  • Durable tubular steel construction allows for a 300 lb maximum weight capacity
  • Compact vertical storage option maximizes workplace efficiency and ease of transport

Best Miter Saw Stand Under $200

DEWALT is one of the biggest names in power tools and power tool accessories and has a storied history to match the brand name recognition and prestige.

That said, the brand has recently recovered from a bit of a downturn following an acquisition and subsequent decrease in quality by Black+Decker.

Still, DEWALT has been rebranded as the professional series of the Black+Decker brand and has made serious strides in correcting the design flaws that had crept into their products.

It should be noted that DEWALT does not truly innovate much in the saw stand market, but this product has taken many of the best features in the category and offers them at a lower cost than its competitors.

This is an especially nice product because it is both a pneumatic and rolling. This means you do not have to worry about difficult and time-consuming setups or breakdowns.

Instead, you can simply activate the hydraulic commands, and the stand will either rise for use or lower to be moved from place to place.

That is why its 6ʺrubber wheels are such a nice feature, as they allow you to easily transport the DEWALT DWX726. Ultimately, the DEWALT DWX726 is by far one of the better professional miter saw stands we reviewed.

Beyond the convenience inherent to a rolling pneumatic stand, the DEWALT DWX726 goes the extra mile by providing additional beneficial features.

For example, not only does this miter saw stand feature a wheel-mounted frame, you can actually stow the DEWALT DWX726 right along with the mounted tool. Even better, you do not lose any of the space-saving ability of the DEWALT DWX726 as it can be mounted vertically.

The transport system has also been improved with its 3 pneumatic positions.


  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Features a pneumatic lift assist
  • Supports an 8ʹ maximum length clearance
  • Easily adjustable mounting rails
  • Frame made of steel
  • 6” rubber wheels
  • Has 3 positions for use and transport
  • Can stow with tool positioned vertically


  • Higher-priced
  • Heavier than some options on this list


DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Rolling Stand, Collapsible and Portable, Lightweight and Compact (DW7440RS)
  • Table Saw Rolling Stand.
  • Table Saw Rolling Stand.
  • Table Saw Rolling Stand.
  • Table Saw Rolling Stand.
  • Table Saw Rolling Stand.

Best Rolling Kickstand Miter Saw Stand

Ever since the advent of the pneumatic miter saw stands, kickstands were almost always driven to a second-class status by comparison, especially considering that pneumatic miter saw stands are almost always mounted on a rolling frame.

While this makes some sense assuming your job accommodates the limitations of pneumatic miter saw stand, it does not change that fact that the best miter saw stands are simply able to be stronger than pneumatic miter saw stands, and though it may not have truly hit its mark, it does show that there can be benefit to finding the compromise between convenience and strength.

One of the first things you notice about this miter saw stands might also be one of the last things that you truly realize. This may look like some of the rolling pneumatic miter saw stands that you have seen, but this is, in fact, one of the few rolling kickstand miter saw stands that we saw.

This means that you get the convenience and ease of transportation that you would get from a rolling miter saw stand combined with the smaller profile size of the kickstand miter saw stand.

One thing of note is that the DEWALT DW7440RS does not have the significantly higher weight capacity for a kickstand compared to a pneumatic miter saw stand, though it is not too terribly far from the higher-end items we reviewed.

Considering this is a bit of a novel approach aimed at providing the best of both worlds, DEWALT decided to double down and make sure that the entire experience of using the DEWALT DW7440RS was as easy and effortless as possible. For instance, this miter saw stand comes with a padded, retractable handle that makes moving the DEWALT DW7440RS easy without putting any strain on your hands, especially if you leave the attached saw mounted as intended.

On top of that, this miter saw stand also features quick-release latches on the legs to make breaking down the DEWALT DW7440RS when it is time to load up easy, though it should be noted that setting up the DEWALT DW7440RS does take a little bit longer than all of the other miter saw stands reviewed due to the awkward nature of the wheels when releasing the legs.


  • Frame made of aluminum
  • Is a lighter miter saw stand
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds
  • Has stable kickstand legs
  • Has a working height of 3’
  • Has quick-release breakdown
  • Has rubber feet
  • Has heavy-duty wheels
  • Has retractable, soft-grip handle


  • Uses a fair amount of plastic
  • Takes a bit longer to set up

Frequently asked questions

Do i need a rolling stand for my home workshop?

Rollers come to the fore when you need to move large pieces. On the whole, this is unlikely to be necessary in the average home workshop!

Can i extend my miter saw stand?

Yes, you can with some stands. If you intend to work with pieces large enough to make an extension necessary, check for a model that allows this and features extension lock levers.

Can you mount a planer on a roller stand?

Yes, you can. Get a piece of ¾ foot plywood and make sure it’s 4 or 5 inches deeper than the planer you want to support. Bolt down the plywood to the stand then bolt your planer to the base. Ensure the rollers of the stand sit parallel to the rollers and cutter head on your planer.

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