Johnson And Johnson Waterproof Tape: Buying Tips And Helpful Information Of This Product

Is it stressful to shopping for a Johnson and Johnson tape? Does it confuse you, and doubts keep coming into your head? I understand how your feeling is because I’ve been through this journey of research. That is why I have broken down small parts to give you a detailed review of the Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape available on the market nowadays. 

The Johnson and Johnson tape appears in many jobs and daily life as it is necessary and handy in many cases. However, what can it do? And is it worth buying? Let’s look at my review below to see if it is worth investing in your safety kit. 

Now, let’s find out.

Things To Consider Before Buying Johnson And Johnson Waterproof Tape

Before jumping to Johnson and Johnson tape review, you should have some knowledge of medical tapes. They are used by medical professionals in many places of caregiving and emergency. Their main uses are dressing secure bandages and wounds. The tape can also be used at hospitals if needed to fix some medical appliances.

Some Types Of Medical Tapes

  • Cloth tape: The cloth tapes are not highly adhesive and not waterproof. They are suitable to use in daily life.
  • Paper tape: The paper tapes are designed specifically for usage in a short time, and you can replace them daily without skin irritation. When comparing to other types, these are more highly affordable. They allow your skin to have some air by using breathable material and sticking well to your skin.
  • Waterproof tape: Waterproof tapes, like today’s product Johson and Johnson waterproof tape, initially need to apply to dry areas as they do not stick to wet surfaces. You can use them to uneven corners of your skin as they are very flexible.
  • Transpore tape: These transpore tapes are explicitly designed for only medical purposes. As you can see from the name, they have pores that look like grids on them. The pores help a lot to let the passage of body and sweat fluid without coming off. And they also have the most robust adhesive quality.

The cloth and waterproof tapes are the most found ones on the market. The cloth tapes can come off in the water, and therefore, they are less preferred than waterproof ones. The waterproof tapes like Johnson and Johnson tape can come off quickly without hurting your skin, and they also have adhesiveness at a decent amount. They are also ideals for protecting any wound from being infected as we all know that there are lots of bacteria and germs in water in most cases.

Main Uses Of Waterproof Tapes

When you choose any waterproof tape, you need to pick the suitable tape for your purposes. Because some tapes carry chemicals that can cause some reaction to some situations, you can not just choose any waterproof tape to apply on the skin. Not to be mentioned that some waterproof tapes are designed to use to fix household units or DIY, and they are not the choices for skin usage.

You can use waterproof tapes in many ways:

  • Secure in place the dressings and gauges
  • Kinesiology 
  • Prevent blisters during sports

Wound dressing 

Make sure to find yourself a breathable product if wound dressing is what your purpose is. The waterproof tape needs to have limited flexibility to help secure the wound in place, be hypoallergenic, and have high tensile strength.

To secure the dressing in place for longer, it is better to have the more waterproof tape.


The purpose of kinesiology is used regularly by athletes for reducing bruising, swelling, and faster recovery. The kinesiology tapes must be waterproof, flexible, and robust. The flexibility helps the muscles move and work smoothly, and the strong adhesive makes sure the tape stick to the skin.

To make sure the tape securely in place even when sweating, it is essential for your tape to be waterproof. And to prevent the tape from becoming peel off and saturated, it also needs to let the sweat pass through easily by being breathable.

Prevent blisters in sports 

To prevent blisters in sports is the most popular waterproof tape usage on the skin. The best product, in this case, needs to have high tensile strength and be flexible for activities during sports. The high tensile strength will hold the tape still without constant reapply, and the flexibility can move with the body. These factors make this type of tape ideal for preventing skin irritation and injury.

Consider using an option with medium adhesive to apply to damaged areas or skin because it can last for a long time and is both breathable and strong. You can also look for tapes made of natural fiber as this ingredient is safe to use without causing adverse reactions.

What To Search For When Purchasing Waterproof Tape 

To help you have more knowledge to choose the suitable tape for your situation, I have listed below some features so you can take a look at: 

Waterproof level 

Today’s product Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape is waterproof, of course. But not all tapes on the market are! So remember to take a look at the waterproof level and check the users’ feedbacks to make sure the tape’s waterproof level is enough as you expected.

One more tip for choosing the right waterproof tape, searching for ‘waterproof,’ not ‘water repellent.’


There are many different sizes of waterproof tape for many other uses. So you need to make sure the width is suitable for your purposes.

Also, make sure to consider the surfaces you plan to apply the tape on when you choose the size. If the tape is too thin, it will not be suitable to use effectively in wide places, and if it is too broad, it is not practical to apply in narrow areas.


To ensure the tape lasts long, it needs to be durable and robust. The waterproof tape helps maintain the same place even in damp situations as it will not come off easily. 

Durability is essential to make sure the tape is cost-effective and efficient to hold its position well on the wound without having to replace it regularly.


If possible, a user-friendly tape like the Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape will be the best option. It allows you to use and apply the tape without any problems.

Johnson and Johnson tape is user-friendly as it repels water naturally and is easy to stick, tear, or cut. Because it easily causes bruising or scratches on your skin if the tape is rough at the edge. And when removing, it is best to not leave on your skin any sticky residue.

Medical grade

This Johnson and Johnson tape is medical tape and is used on the skin to dress wounds. Therefore, it is crucial to check if the tape is exceptionally safe for use in any medical tape. And medical grade is a great measure to choose a medical tape, which needs to be easy to tear, reliable, and versatile. 


Last but not least, flexibility is also a significant factor. Because stiff tapes will not adapt very well to the body’s natural curvature and do not apply generously on your skin, this also means that a highly flexible product is the top key, especially in sports. But for wounds or surgery, you should consider a less flexible option because it is better to hold the dressing.

Johnson And Johnson Waterproof Specifications


This Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape, at first glance, you can tell right away it is used for medical. And in short, this waterproof aid tape works very well to secure the wounds perfectly that stick very well to the skin.

This tape looks quite opaque and broad. The edges, instead of smooth, are sawtooth for users to remove from the wounds and tear them effortlessly. These characteristics are outstanding as you might need to unwrap and wrap the wounded surfaces many times before being healed fully. 

And if you are latex allergic, the good news is this Johnson and Johnson tape is made of dry natural rubber that is safe and friendly to users’ sensitive skin. Many users complimented on the sticking well on the skin even when they take a shower. However, I recommend you change the old tape when it is wet after using it and wrap around your wounds a new one.

This tape is affordable. But I think when it comes to affecting your health directly, you should not have to be too economical.


  • Made of dry natural non-allergic rubber
  • Affordable
  • Securely adhere to the wounds
  • Easy to tear and wrap


  • Limited waterproof ability

Johnson And Johnson Waterproof Tape Features and Benefits

Accurate placement of tape is fundamental to proper care of the wounds, and, most of the time, medical tapes play considerable roles in this. Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape is a great product to use in any healthcare facility and keeps on hand as a first-aid kit.

This medical tape is used for wound care and skin treatment. There are numerous benefits of using this tape or keeping a high-quality one in your first-aid kit. These include:

  • It can use for first-aid purposes.
  • It helps keep wounds, blisters and cuts dry thanks to waterproof protection.
  • It can seal out dirt, germs, and water.
  • Stretches and flexes with the skin make your skin feel more comfortable.
  • It can be used when swimming, in wet weather, or during exercise.
  • It sticks very well even when the surface is wet.
  • Breathable

Below, I will show you some tips to use this Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape the right way. Because only if the waterproof tape is used correctly can it stay in the same position well in various situations.

Before applying the tape to your skin, remember to note the below tips in your mind:

  • Before treating any wound, always remember to wash your hands first. 
  • If you find the tape begins to come away, you should use another fresh new tape instead of applying the same piece one more time.
  • Consider choosing a hypoallergenic or low allergy brand, like this Johnson and Johnson product.
  • Before using the tape to apply on your skin, make sure to eliminate all water, lotion, or oil on your skin.
  • Always remember to dry the surfaces before using the tape.

Some Alternatives Products Suitable For You

The Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape is an excellent product. But if you like to look at some other alternatives, you can also refer to some products I will present below. Besides the Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape, I would like to recommend four recommendations that I believe you will love.

  1. 3M Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape

This 3M Nexcare Durable medical tape stands out for its factors as below:

  • High strength

This medical cloth tape is used to splint the finger that is broken to the rest safe fingers or fix a SAM splint. When removing, some of the foam of SAM splint might be taken off. Therefore, it is best to use alternative products such as an ACE pressure wrap to apply splinting for a long time.

  • Straight tear

This medical tape can tear both across and lengthwise straight. Now, you can tear it in the perfect shape you want without using scissors. 

  • Breathable

Cloth tape, in general, is air permeable that helps promote healing better for wound care.

  • Affordable

This 3M Nexcare Durable Cloth tape is very reasonable. 

  • No residue

You might easily find on some other medical tapes the situation of leaving the sticky residue on the skin after removing the tape. However, this 3M Nexcare Durable Cloth tape leaves no residue.

  • Sticks well to cloth or skin

If some tapes do not stick to the hair, they will also not stick to the cloth. It can become a problem to secure dressings effectively. With this medical tape, you can rest assured that it will not rip out all of your hair when removing. It sticks well to cloth and skin and only rips out a bit of your hair when removing.

However, it also has some cons:

  • Not waterproof

This cloth tape can manage moisture, but it is not waterproof

  • Stiff

This tape might have some trouble flexing when the skin tightens and loosens when the joints are moving. Moreover, it also does not work well to apply irregular body parts such as between toes or fingers.

  • Hard to tear

This tape is pretty hard to tear as the cloth’s edges often bunch up. You need to tear or cut it at a different position in this case.


  • Can use markers, pens, or pencils to write on it
  • Sticks well to cloth, skin
  • No residue
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • High strength


  • Not waterproof
  • Stiff
  • Not stretchy
  • Hard to tear
  1. 3M Micropore Paper Tape
3M Micropore Paper Tape - White, 1" x 10yds (Box of 12)
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients

This 3M Micropore Paper Tape has some overlapped uses with the 3M Nexcare, but it still has some other unique benefits such as:

  • Breathable

The 3M Micropore Paper Tape can aerate the underneath skin and be permeable to air.

  • Stick to the skin

This medical tape can stick and stay on the skin well for several days

  • Affordable

This tape has a very reasonable price

  • Gentle to apply on skin

This tape does not adhere very firmly that can leave sticky residue or rip your hair out. It is specialized designed to suitable for daily uses with no irritation.

This type of micropore tape is not suitable for all applications. It is pretty stiff. So you should not count on it too much to conform to some irregular body parts such as in between toes or fingers. Moreover, it can manage moisture but is not waterproof. 


  • Can be written on
  • Gentle to sensitive skin
  • Suitable to use for daily changes


  • Not stretchy
  • It is quite stiff
  • Not waterproof
  1. 3M Nexcare Waterproof Tape
Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape, Tough, Made by 3M, 1-Inch x 5-Yard Roll
  • From the #1 leader in U.S. hospital tapes
  • Strong adhesive stays on during water activities and exercising

This 3M Nexcare Waterproof Tape is a great choice to eliminate some problems caused by the 3M Medical Transpore Tape.

  • Easy to tear

You can use the fingers to rip it off without trouble.

  • No residue

After removing the tape, there will be no sticky residue left on your skin.

  • Hair non-adherent

It depends on the intended purposes to become a con or a pro. Hair non-adherent when removing the tape will make it suitable for daily changes or sensitive skin as it does not rip off the hair. However, it might not stick very well if your skin is very hairy.

  • Flexibility

I have made so many tests to apply the tape on many difficult positions such as the inside of the armpit, the palm hand, the tips of fingers, between my toes or fingers. I have to admit that I was impressed as it fits like my second skin! The tape flexes and conforms with your body’s movements.

  • Sticks firmly on the skin

This 3M Nexcare Waterproof tape works very well to prevent chafing and blister as it sticks firmly on your skin.

  • Waterproof

The waterproof quality of this product can only work well when you apply it initially on dry skin. The tape will not stick if the area is wet, but the stickiness will be regained once the place is dry.

Besides the great features that this 3M Nexcare tape brings, I find some disadvantages that might not be ideal for some frequency and intentions. 

  • Does not tear straight

This 3M Nexcare Waterproof Tape can not tear in a straight line. Therefore, although you can tear it off easily, you still need scissors to tear it lengthwise.

  • Thick

This 3M Medical Transpore Tape is quite large and thick.

  • Expensive

Last but not least, this 3M Nexcare is pretty expensive.


  • Stretchy
  • Can use markers or pens to write on it
  • Suitable to use for daily changes 
  • It can use when sweating or underwater
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Can cover well the irregular places


  • Can not use pencils to write on it
  • Does not tear straight
  • Thick
  • Expensive
  1. 3M Medical Transpore Tape
3M Transpore Surgical Tape, 1" x 10 yds, Case of 12 Rolls
  • This plastic tape is transparent, perforated polyethylene film with easy bi-directional tear, strong adhesion, and is hypoallergenic
  • Allows visualization of the skin

This 3M Medical Transpore Tape is always the product that out of stock first on the ambulance. Very few medical tapes on the market can outperform this 3M Medical Transpore Tape for the overall quality, efficiency, and versatility. I have found this tape one of the most potent adhesive tapes used for skin so far.

Some uses I find it most outstanding include:

  • Strong adhesive tape used for skin

The most potent tape might not be essential if you need to take off, but it is better to have a strong tape in most cases.

  • Easy to tear

More outperform than other types of cloth tapes; you can use the fingers to easily rip this 3M Medical Transpore Tape both vertically and horizontally.

  • Covered with pores

It has unique properties with tiny holes grid-like pattern covering. The tape will not come off as body fluid, and sweat will now go through it with ease. It can also allow the air to reach the underneath skin. Thanks to the pores, you can easily tear it straight both lengthwise and across to adjust the width to cover the wounds better.

  • Waterproof

This 3M Medical Transpore Tape can still stay on your skin even when you take a shower or go swimming.

  • Can stick to anything

Even though this tape is explicitly designed for medical uses, it can stick to anything with ease. You need to apply the tape on dry areas. However, generally, it can stick with no problems through blood, hair, and sweat.

Although this 3M Medical Transpore Tape is versatile and valuable, it does not mean you can use it for all applications. There are some warning you should consider:

  • Hurtful removal for sensitive skin

This 3M Medical Transpore Tape can leave a residue or even pull out the hair of your body, which can aggravate the sensitive skin.

  • Leaves residue

After being taken off the skin, this 3M Medical Transpore Tape will leave a pretty sticky residue around the applied areas. Based on the reviews of this product that I found, to remove this residue, you can use Goo Gone or some other products. Or you can let the residue itself come off after some days of daily activities and shower.


  • Can use markers to write on
  • It can be used for many non-medical uses
  • It can be used to prevent chafing on the inside of the thighs or your feet.


  • Not stretchy
  • Can not use pen or pencil to write on
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin or who require daily bandage changes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can Swimmers Use Waterproof Tapes?

Of course, yes! Waterproof tapes are made to use on these occasions, unlike the other transpose tapes. And swimmers are especially suitable to use these tapes. They prevent the wound from coming out any fluid to the outside and not allowing water to leak through the wounds.

Are Waterproof And Water-Resistant Tapes The Same?

Not really. In fact, these two types are a little different. Generally, waterproof tapes will not absorb any water, while water-resistant ones can still let a small amount of water penetrate.

Can I Use Any Type Of Waterproof Tape To The Electrical Line?

Unfortunately, it is 100% not. The only products you can use are the ones that assign to be suitable specifically for the electrical line.

Is Medical Tape Friendly To My Skin?

Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape is absolutely friendly to your skin. It can be used on your skin directly without causing any allergies. But in general, before applying any new medical tape on your skin, you need to carefully do some tests on a small specific area on your skin and read all the information inside the product description from manufacturers

Once receiving the waterproof medical tape, apply it on a small of your skin that is not affected by any wounds or injuries. You should then leave the medical tape to stay still in that position and see if your skin has any reaction to the product. Make sure to do this step before applying it to your injury or more extensive area of your body. 

A product labeled as friendly to the skin does not mean it works for 100% anyone because we are all very different. 

How To Effectively Remove Medical Tape Adhesive?

It is a good feature that medical tapes are sticky. However, the bad thing about a good function medical tape is it might be hard to remove it from the skin. When removing, the medical tape can often leave a residue behind. So, how to effectively remove medical tape adhesive? 

When researching the answer to this question, I have come across many suggestions to use rubbing alcohol on online forums. Well, it works! However, I do not want to recommend this way as rubbing alcohol is not healthy on our skin. It will make the fragile or sensitive skin dry. And one more reason is, I know a much better way to effectively remove the adhesive of the medical tape.

The better answer to remove medical tape adhesive on your skin is to apply adhesive remover. It is best to choose some adhesive remover along with your medical tape when purchasing it. The great thing about adhesive remover is that it does not have alcohol that makes your skin dry, which is labeled as sting-free. You can also find so many adhesive removers on the market that do contain alcohol. They are usually available in bottles or wipes. And one more time, it is up to you to decide by reading the information on the product description carefully and check the products’ labels.

Now, let me show you some ways to remove the medical tape or residue adhesive on your skin:

  • Remove medical tape on your skin

First, you begin at the medical tape’ edge to dab your adhesive remover gently at the edge. Keep doing until you see your medical tape starts to get loosen from your skin and keep going until your bandage is free. 

Now, I need you to be patient. Do not pull your bandage. Very slowly, use the adhesive remover to do the removing work for you without harming your skin.

  • Removing residual adhesive on your skin

When you see your bandage is free from your skin, I need you to swipe the adhesive remover very gently back and forth the surface to remove all the adhesive from the medical tape that is still remained. When you feel the sticky feeling has gone, you need to wash that surface using water and gentle soap. And do not forget to dry the surface before using any new piece of medical tape to apply over it.

Some Suggestions And Tips

  • To cut bandages or medical tapes to your desired shape, it is useful to use the trauma shears, scissors, or any multitool in the first aid kit at your home.
  • You can use the medical tape to cover rubbing places inside the shoes, which helps prevent effectively any blisters that can occur.
  • You can make your surgical or medical tape’s end become easy to find by folding a tiny tab of them over.
  • If your tape does not stick well, do not hesitate to tape all-around your limb to secure a bandage.

Closing Thought

It is time for you to make your choice! 

Now you have had a detailed view of this Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape. I finish my Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape review here, and I hope you can give it a look and bring one home soon.

I always remember that update product information is my top priority. So, I keep my website up-to-date anytime. If you find that the reviews shown here are irrelevant or incorrect or misleading from the facts, please don’t hesitate to comment below so I can be noticed about this. I promise to be there for you anytime.

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