How to Escape the Cold During the Winter Months

Escaping the cold is about preparation. Whether you want to go elsewhere during the winter or cozy up at home, the actions you take will better your experience. This article goes over some helpful ways to escape the cold this winter. Read on to learn how important traveling and resourcefulness are in your efforts to stay warm this winter! 

How to Escape the Cold During the Winter Months

Stay Warm At Home

If you don’t have the dough to travel, do what you can to stay warm where you are. Turn up your thermostat, wear fuzzy socks, get a weighted blanket, and start up the fireplace. Lighting candles, burning resin incense, and drinking warm tea or cocoa from your favorite mug also helps! 

Go Somewhere Warm 

A common approach to avoid the cold is to go someplace warm for the winter. Get flights to LAX for the holidays and take up a new tradition of buying a fake Christmas tree instead of your standard tree lot fir. Or, welcome in the New Year with a trip to Universal Studios

There are also indoor-outdoor seasonal light shows and festivals around Southern California. For instance, in Pasadena they project snowflake images onto the buildings on Colorado Street in Old Town. You’ll get the feeling of winter without the cold! 

Nearby Winter Rentals

If flying far from home is too much of an ordeal, there are closer options that may feel more accessible. You might consider staying at a lodge or a cabin with friends and family. 

From the NY Adirondacks to Big Bear Lake, CA, there are plenty of lakeside and mountainside cabin and lodging rentals across the US. See what’s close for you! You’ll find plenty to do at these rental locations, including winter carnival runs like those in St. Paul, MN. 

How to Escape the Cold During the Winter Months

Make the Most of Body Heat 

When you stay in close proximity to others, you get warmer as the amount of body heat increases with others around. Being in small places increases heat even more, making sharing small cabins and lodges a smart option when you’re on a quest to stay warm. 

Most rentals have fireplaces for extra warmth, and if you’re high enough up in the mountains, you might miss some of the snowfall and stay warmer that way, too. You can also consider an indoor Holiday Walk, like those at Meadow Brook Hall in Michigan. 

Bonus idea: Got a furry friend at home? How about a romantic partner? Take this opportunity to cuddle up with those you love, so you can both stay warm.

Layers, Exercise, and Comfort Foods 

How to Escape the Cold During the Winter Months

If your body temp still suffers, try wearing layered clothing and thermals so that you retain more heat. You can also consider wearing a heavy coat like a waterproof leather jacket to stay warm. If nothing else, you can always take a nice hot shower or bath to stop the chills. If you’re able to work out indoors, breaking a sweat is another way to raise your temperature. 

Cook up some homemade meals and get the oven going. The more warm, filling food you eat, the warmer you’ll stay as well. We recommend hearty chilis, casseroles, and family recipes like lasagna and shepherd’s pie! After all, this is hibernation time, so get your fill of your favorite comfort foods! 

The Bottom Line 

Avoiding the cold requires making plans ahead of time! Whether you take a trip or wrap yourself in a million blankets, you’re on track to staying cozy and warm this winter! Use the suggestions in this article to keep tabs on your needs for warmth and prepare in advance! We’re coming for you, winter!

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