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For the past five decades, golf ball technology has evolved in several aspects. There are several designs of golf balls in the market which makes it a daunting task to find the perfect one for you. The modern balls spin more and fly a longer distance as compared to their predecessors when the same amount of force is applied. This can be attributed to the invention of multi-layer technology which has revolutionized golf.

Playing golf is not as simple as it looks. Before making that swing and hitting the ball, you have to consider a number of factors. The type of ball you are hitting is a crucial factor as it determines the distance travelled and how straight your hit will be. In this article, we will review the different types of golf balls in the market to help you find the perfect one for you.

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Top 10 Golf Balls Reviews

TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball

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The Burner is available in yellow and white color which aid in shot racking visibility. This ball is a two piece Lothane cover with a total of 342 dimples. The dimples are specially designed to provide the right amount of aerodynamic negative pressure that allows the ball to fly far. During testing, the Burner was subjected to a level 60 compression. The Burner is highly recommended for golfers who consistently shoot about 100 strokes on an 18-hole golf course. It is the golf ball to go for if you are looking to improve your game.

Callaway HEX Black Tour Golf Ball

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Just as its name suggests, the Callaway Hex Black Tour Golf Ball has hexagonal dimple patterns. It is the only golf ball in the market using a hexagonal dimple pattern. This way, the Callaway Hex offers full dimple coverage. This ball has improved aerodynamic performance as compared to its predecessors. The HEX is designed for a penetrating flight especially in the wind.
The dimples in the Callaway Hex are part of a DuraSpin cover which is a thermoplastic urethane cover designed to increase durability. This means that while you get the same soft feeling and short –game spin that you seek, your ball does not get marks and scratches easily. In addition to the DuraSpin cover, there dual mantle underneath comprises of different ionomers that are precisely mixed to provide the required hardness and resilience of mantle layers.

At the heart of the Callaway Hex golf ball is a piece of a new technology known as I-Core technology. This is a dual core that is designed specifically for spin separation. Spin separation refers to the ability of a ball to increase distance while spinning much less of the tee and at the same time giving the player much control by spinning shorter around the green.

The Callaway Hex comes with alignment aid pre-printed Hex Black which aids you to make more putts when on the green. The Hex gives the golfer high accuracy and control like no other ball. It is therefore recommended for low handicap players as it helps them control their short game.

Brigestone 2014 Tour B330-Rx Golf Balls

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Bridgestone 2014 Tour B330-Rx Golf Balls became first in line to other Bridgestone Golf balls to provide soft hydro core that is enhanced specifically for below 105 miles per hour swing speed. These Bridgestone 2014 Tour B330-Rx golf balls are covered by a urethane cover that is 20% thinner. The urethane cover fairly reduces the tee’s spin-off thus providing a PGA tour level feel within the greens.
The Bridgestone 2014 Tour B330-Rx Golf Balls are designed to increase accuracy and distance. Accuracy and distance are increased through the mantle layers below the covers which have been made a little firmer to reduce backspin. Whenever backspin is increased off of the tee, there are significant distance losses incurred.

There are two color choices of these balls: white and yellow.
The balls are made to increase aerodynamic performance by utilizing the dimple-in-dimple technology. During the design process, the manufacturers improved the transition between the soft inner core and the outer core that is firmer by adding water which then makes the ball softer with less ball spin. The end result is a ball with less side spin that keeps the ball straighter and a higher ball speed since it is easier to compress the ball.

The dimple-in-dimple innovation has made Bridgestone Golf capable of providing the best –selling golf balls in today’s market with a good flight and above average ball stability in the wind.
The Bridgestone B330-Rx Golf Balls were specifically designed for people with swing speeds that are less than 105 miles per hour of which most are amateurs.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls 24-Ball Pack

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The Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls are a result of an advance application of technology. The balls are made out of a composite base. As much as the Wilson ZIP balls are affordable, they also are of high value.
The balls have a higher spin, longer distance and have a very soft feel. The Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls makers patented a zero compression core that delivers an amazing feel with shot stopping spins and as if that isn’t enough the zero compression core permits for ridiculous distances even at swings of amateurs.

These balls have an ionomer cover that generates speed and is able to explode from the clubface. The cover also has a 302 PhD aerodynamics dimple pattern features unique flat-bottomed, shallow dimples on its surface that greatly reduces air resistance and that rip through the air to create a stable penetrating flight. There are only white Wilson ZIP double dozen golf balls and unlike other golf balls, these balls allow for less feel and control than a more expensive ball would. If all you want to do is hit the ball way further than you did the first time, this is definitely the ball I would recommend.

This ball gives excellent results; there are soft sounds when driving it due to the low compression and the composite material used.

Callaway HEX Warbird Golf Balls

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The Callaway HEX warbird golf balls are distance balls that are pure and simple. They usually come in two colors; white and yellow. Their large and softer core called the Warbird core is a new technology that allows for faster ball speeds and longer distances. The feel of the golf ball is hard and it has been tested for golfers with an average distance of: 125 yards or less (carry + roll)/ 126 to 195 yards (carry + roll)/ 196 to 245 yards (carry +roll). By utilizing the “HEX aerodynamics”, the ball creates long distance, penetrating ball flights. HEX warbird thus works best for low speed amateurs.

When choosing a golf ball to play with, there is always a need to decide between the distance and short game control. A golfer has to prefer one to the other. For instance, when the golfer wants to increase the distance, he will have to give up the short game control and vice versa. The Callaway HEX warbird is suitable for beginners and entry level amateurs alike; those who are still making decisions about their preferences.

Callaway have a unique dimple design and the Callaway HEX Warbird golf balls utilize the dimple design, just like its mates the HEX chrome, HEX black tour and HEX Diablo among others. Warbird carries the lowest price tag of the bunch. The white color is the traditional one and not the yellow which is usually offered to golfers who tend to stray from the fairway, or just like to stand out from the crowd. For high- handicapped golfers with swing speeds below 90 mph, two- piece construction and firm covers feature and they promote greater lengths over high spin rates. This type falls under the recreational category.

For low- handicap and professional golfers with swing speeds in excess of 100 mph, the HEX warbird golf ball is designed to possess multi- layer construction and soft covers. This type is for advanced or performance golfers. A golf ball with multi- layer construction and medium-soft covers are for speeds of 90-99 mph, for example the Callaway HEX Diablo.

Titleist pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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Titleist pro V1 and pro V1X golf balls offer the total performance for any player. Each of its elements is designed and formulated to work as one to deliver the performance needed for every shot. It is considered the greatest golf ball in the entire sport. It offers a standard on making a world class golf ball in the entire world. The pro V1 golf ball is all about control and speed while the pro V1X gives more distance and greater power. The Titleist balls come in white.

Other characteristics of the pro V1 golf balls are: they offer longer distance, more consistent flight, lower long game spin, outstanding Drop- and- stop control and very soft feel on each and every shot, no matter what your location is. The golf balls are designed with a “spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design.” This provides three axes of symmetry with new aerodynamic characteristics that deliver a far more penetrating ball flight. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The newest version of pro V1 golf balls have urethane cover that gives the grip and control that you expect from a premium tour ball and its durability is excellent. It has a slight yardage gain from the firmer and lower spinning pro V1x gaining more yards over the 2015 version and it is softer when it comes to sound and feel. The enhancements made are more due to a more precise way of creating what they had before in the dimples.

Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

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They are 2-piece, medium spin balls available in Tour Yellow, Soft White and Pink colors. The latest version of the Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball has a core compression drop of 12 points from 72 in the Energy Gradient Growth (EGG) making it softer compared to the initial models. The soft core has an advantage that the ball won’t sacrifice the distance and accuracy whatsoever as it feels softer on full shots and increasing the golf ball launch.

To enhance reliable and consistent playability, its design is made up of composite materials, with the ionomer cover 11% thinner than the softer core, with 344 speed dimples and 5% even softer. The dimples enhances its maximum velocity by giving it a uniform dimple design, lowering drag and offering an awesome surface coverage allowing a maximum penetrating flight thus maximum distance coverage on full shots. Its softness is measured by the Durometer rating, indicating that the latest is three points softer compared to the previous. These balls are suitable for tee to green gaining distance as they can add up to ten yards on each shot you make.

The Srixon’s soft cover makes it flexible making it possible to create more spin and friction at clubface impact on chip shots and pitch which translates to incredible control and greenside spin. The Soft Feel Golf Balls have swing speeds of more than 70 miles per hour. Srixon has launched the 10th generation in the market emphasizing its strength in the golf world. The Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball is suitable for aged golfers and less sophisticated golfers.

Nike Golf 2013 Mojo Golf Ball (24-Pack), White

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It is the coolest golf ball worldwide, white in color with an exclusive design. They are a two-piece Nike branded longest, low compression core balls with average swing speeds designed for a specific purpose. Nike’s Mojo golf ball is specially designed for distance, with aero- efficient dimples maximizing lift by making the ball stay longer in the air. Has a 432- dimple surlyn harder compared to other balls but with a unique softness allowing minimal spin achieving the longer straight shots.

The softness is around the greens, unusually the case for balls designed for distance. Its design and markings conform to R&A and USGA rules despite its silliness with each package coming with a bonus purple/pink novelty ball. The harder cover is responsible for its pretty high distance coverage, which is its primary job, though having an unsatisfactory ball trajectory but worth its price. Ball control is an issue as the crisper shell causes large bounces on landing or on the fairway.

These balls’ sides have pre-printed alignment which helps you by utilizing it on the putting greens. This alignment aid increases the chances of putt making. They are the longest serving golf balls standing time test with its affordability. The Nike Golf 2013 Mojo Golf Balls are generally great for non-experienced golfers learning the game and those who have nothing to lose as they know the fate of their balls on shooting.

Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls (1-Dozen)

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This ball is famed for its ability to fly off at high speeds with a light swing. The ball also has improved accuracy aided by the correct straightening of its trajectory. This is mainly achieved through great reductions of the air drag using an advanced aerodynamic Temple pattern. The ball is a combination of two piece with a compression of 75. This means that the ball will take the most out of every swing making it fly off the Tee at great speeds.

The patterns on the exterior of the ball make it to have a superior spin control making it great for amateur golfers who are getting to learn how to make more accurate shots. The Q-Star is a wonderful balance of several characteristic making it a one stop ball for different golfing landscaped and competitions. It is recommended for any who can decently swing and is willing to engage in some sort of competition.

Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)

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When starting out in golf, we all need to have a platform. Most people have no ambitions of playing golf at any “professional level”. Therefore you need not to spend a lot of money on golf balls when your main aim is just to know how it feels to hit a ball. Wilson Titanium balls are some of the cheapest on the market. The core material utilizes a titanium bond that really keeps the ball as a single unit. The only major advantage they offer is great distance on a shot. The Wilson titanium Balls are covered in Surlyn covers offering unrivalled durability compared to other balls on the market. These balls are recommended for the really new golfers who are just beginning to grow in the sport. Well, this is not to stop a professional from purchasing this and testing the distance of their best swings.
There are a number of facts that should be considered for people who are looking to purchase golf balls. You want to maintain good accuracy, distance and if need be save a few dollars.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Ball: Buying Guide

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When it comes to golf, there are two essential pieces of equipment that you have to work with: the golf club, and of course, the golf ball. Most people understand that there’s a lot that goes into buying a golf club, but those same people fail to realize that there are a few things to think about before buying golf balls, as well. Before you go out and accidentally purchase the wrong balls for your game, take a look at this helpful buying guide to help you along the way to a better golf game. Buy some Fairway Woods after selecting golf ball to hit the ball direct to the green.


The construction of a golf ball is important to how it will react to coming into contact with the club. There are several different types of golf balls to choose from when it comes to construction, including one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece golf balls. Because each one is used for different reasons by people of different proficiencies, it’s important to do your own research before you choose the right one for your golf game.

The Spin

The spin of your golf balls is extremely important because it could literally make or break your golf game. When it comes to the spin of a ball, the ball you choose to purchase is entirely dependent on your own style of playing, so make sure to take that into consideration before making a purchase. 


When it comes to golf balls, the compression is a measure of the deflection a golf ball undergoes when it is struck by the club. The compression is measured between 0 and 200, with 200 being a golf ball that doesn’t compress at all. Typically, golf balls range between 50 and 100 in compression. Lower compression balls are a bit softer and compress more to create more distance. On the other hand, higher compression balls offer more control and are used by people who produce faster swings to compress the ball.


This is a most important quality in a golfer. Golf ball manufacturers have managed to achieve this by controlling the spin on the balls meaning it veers less from the desired trajectory. Multilayer technology is the main trick to achieve very little spin on the ball. Traditionally golfers had great worries of the amount of spin they subjected the ball to depending on the force of the swing. These days such worries are almost non-existent. Therefore if you consider to become better with every swing, it is important to get modern balls that will make up for your inaccuracies. The patterns on the ball are important in keeping the ball relatively still to ensure it heads for the target spotted by the eye. This is not to mean a poorly skilled golfer will automatically be better.

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When we talk about the legend golfers, one thing comes to mind, they could all get a really hard swing to send the ball to mind-blowing distances. Many amateur golfers rate theirs skills by how far they can strike the ball. The manufacturers exploit the core compression making it higher every single day. This in turn means that the applied force on the swing is greatly multiplied upon striking the ball and this means more yards to your ordinary swing. Manufacturers take advantage of material technology to utilize a combination of materials well organized in multiple-layers to achieve as much dynamic compression and in turn launch from the Tee at higher speeds. You may have a relatively accurate swing with a wonderful follow through but if the balls do not cover enough distance to the target, then you can be assured you will not make those eagle shots that all golfers aim for. Selecting the right ball will give you the edge while you focus on your accuracy.


It is inevitable that all balls will go for different prices. The rule of the thumb is that if you are just starting out in golf, it is better to spend less. It would be unfair if you invested all your savings on the more expensive balls and then it turned out that you would rather do something else rather than playing golf. As an amateur golfer becomes better with the necessary skills, they may consider acquiring better more expensive balls. As of now, professional balls will cost much more than those designed to improve your skills. Also balls that offer great distance go for much less compared to those that control the spin and in turn improve your accuracy. Decent balls may also be kept as souvenirs to remind you of your playing days. However, you should not fear to own a good set of golf balls as their price range of around five dollars is very well manageable even for an amateur golfer.

Do Golf Balls Make a Difference for the Average Golfer?

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Like any other sport or hobby, there are different levels of proficiency when it comes to golf. And just like any other hobby, you might not want to invest a whole lot of money into it until you’re a bit better at it. If you’re just beginning to play golf, or perhaps you consider yourself to be an average player, then you have to think good and hard about the type of ball that you want to use. As we discussed before, there’s a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect type of golf ball for your game, but you also have to take your own abilities into consideration before purchasing golf balls. As you may already know, there’s a significant difference in price between the different golf balls available for purchase.

As a new player of the game or someone who just likes to play every so often, you might want to think twice about buying golf balls that are a bit more on the expensive side. For example, if you find yourself hitting the ball into the water or against the trees, or you tend to lose a lot of balls, you might not want to buy top of the line golf balls until you get a little bit better. Because the more expensive golf balls are constructed for particular a particular purpose, they’re typically used by golfers that know what they’re doing. According to the experts, if you’re not serious about the game or you’re just beginning to harness the sport, then you should opt-out of spending an arm and a leg on golf balls, and purchase the cheaper ones, instead. If you don’t really care about how much you spend on balls that you might just lose anyway, then go ahead and get whatever balls you like!


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Do Expensive Golf Balls Make a Difference?

  • As we mentioned before, the amount of money you spend on golfs is a bit dependent on how good of a golfer you are. If you’re not the greatest golfer or you have a lot of learning to do, then the expensive golf balls won’t really make a difference to your game. On the other hand, if you’re a decent golfer and you spend a lot of time on the links, then you should consider purchasing more expensive golf balls.

Do Golf Balls for Beginners Matter?

  • When you’re a beginner you’re going to notice one major thing: you’re going to lose quite a few balls before you get better. With that being said, if you’re a new golfer you might want to buy the least expensive option, or you could even go with refurbished balls. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on balls that are going to end up in the water!

Are Low Compression Golf Balls Better?

  • Low compression golf balls may not be the best out there, but they’re the best for the novice golfer, junior golfers, or women golfers. Low compression balls create more distance and offer beginners the opportunity to shorten the course. If you’re new to the game of golf, then you should certainly consider getting low compression golf balls. 

How Does Cold Air Affect a Golf Ball?

  • Cold air can most certainly affect the performance of a golf ball. Cold air is actually denser than warm air, so it can create an additional drag on the ball. Experts say that the difference is approximately one yard of carry for every 10-degree change in temperature. So if you’re playing in 40-degree weather rather than 80-degree weather, you’re looking at a loss of four yards of distance!

Does Water Ruin Golf Balls?

  • It might be a little hard to believe, but water can indeed affect your golf ball. Even though it takes up to 12 hours of a golf ball being submerged for the water to infiltrate the inside, the impact of the water is irreversible. Needless to say, keep your golf balls out of the water and they’ll do just fine.


Just to get a clear look at the kind of balls on the market, you may want to look at the effort that goes in to create these balls. Days when golf balls were just molded spheres are long gone. The technology of manufacturing advanced golf balls has come a long way in the last few decades. Engineers go out of their way to design, build prototypes and test the balls to ensure they are at their best. The above reviews are just a tip of the iceberg of the many brands of golf balls. Whether you are looking for control or sheer velocity there is always something in the market for you. It however has to be noted that poor skills will never be covered for even with the most technologically advanced balls. It is equally important to note that these newer balls will fill up for your weaknesses. So, if you are really considering improving your golfing skills, it is wise to note that a better ball might be the only thing stopping you from breaking the barrier to become the best you can be. Advice from more experienced golfers is valuable in selecting the correct balls to suit your needs.

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