Enjoy nature year-round with YYS 21Pcs Boho Home Decor Fluffy Dried Flowers & Grasses

Pampas grass is a beautiful yet simple addition to your home decor. These gorgeous waving wheat-toned puffs recall vintage gardens and pastoral pastures with their antique appeal, lending an authentic feel to any space in need of some old world charm.

Pampas grass is also the perfect addition to any modern decor. The stalk can be placed strategically on white walls for an interesting texture that will make it seem like you didn’t just post one plain looking plant.

Not convinced? The moment you get a hold of YYS 21Pcs Boho Home Decor Fluffy Dried Flowers, your heart will race with excitement.

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Decorate With YYS 21Pcs Boho Home Decor Fluffy Dried Flowers Arrangements White & Natural Pampas Grass, Horsetail Whisk, Decorative Plumes, Bunny Tail

The beautiful and sleek YYS Pampas autumnal spread is the perfect addition to your space this season. Let’s see what these dried branches have to attract you:

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Elegante Decoration

Though flowers are always a popular choice for weddings, many people have been going with greener options. Pampas grass is one such plant that’s seen increased popularity in recent years, and it makes all the sense why – its color scheme perfectly complements most dresses and décor.

YYS Grass Branches for a vase flower arrangement for weddings and make bridal bouquets. This beautiful pampas grass will make your tablescapes pop with color, style and texture. You can use it as a centerpiece or surround for flowers in more traditional arrangements – there’s no wrong way to work this plant into an event.

These YYS Pampas Grass can also be used in so many ways. Whether creating special event centerpieces like parties, DIY projects, using them on festival stages or at home décor events, these stunning branches will never fail your party guests.

Natural Flowers

With an eye-catching bouquet, YYS pampas grass is made with superior quality and handpicked naturally dried flowers. Made with 100% safe and non-toxic formula, you can be confident that the bouquet will accompany for many years to come.

In The Box

Get a variety of whips from the natural world in this purchase! You’ll receive 21 stems of 18″  that include 10pcs Natual Horsetail whisk(Reed grass), 5pcs White Bunny tail. Plus, there’s 2pcs White Horsetail whisk(Reed grass), 2pcs Brown Decorative Plumes, and 2pcs White Dried Pampas grass. 

Decor With Zero Upkeep

The pretty-sized bouquet is perfect for those who don’t have time maintenance-free. You can arrange the shape and size of each branch as you please, plus there’s no need to water or take care when placing them in a vase – they will last longer than any other kind.

When using the Pampas Grass, be sure to place it in a sunny spot to make it fluffy before use. This pure-natural plant does have some natural shedding properties; however, this doesn’t affect how effective its fluffiness actually is.

YYS 10 Pcs Natual Dried Eucalyptus Branches, Real Preserved Fresh Greenery Stem for Vase Flower Arrangement Wedding Home Decor(Blue)

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your event and add some natural Blue flair, try combining YYS 10 Pcs Natual Dried Eucalyptus Branches.

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Fluffy Dried Pampas Grass

YYS Pampas Grass Usage Tips

  1. When you first take it out of the package, gently shake it and allow excess plume shedding to occur. Separate it with fingers opened up. The stems will be shedding a little while you’re doing this, so be sure to cover the floor. But don’t worry, once you plant them in a vase, they will not shed anymore.
  1. To give your pampas grass a beautiful look and feel, you should place it in direct sunlight for several hours. This will make the natural fibers stand out more than ever before!
  1. To style, gently arrange pampas grass reeds in a vase. Use the setting hairspray to spray softly so that you can maintain its bulkiness and keep shedding at bay.
  1. Pampas grass reeds are dried, so they don’t need any water.
  1. Please do not place the pampas grass too close to any fire sources.
Fluffy Dried Pampas Grass

Some Suggestions To Decorate With YYS Pampas Grass

Make It Seasonal

Create your own “Autumn Means harvest” style with this incredible table decoration. Add pumpkins and vases to create an elegant entryway all year round!

Keep It Simple

The Pampas grass in this entryway is simple but elegant, standing out on its own without any help.

Amplify Neutrals

The neutral living room is decorated with soft browns and beiges in an airy, modern space. A vase of pampas grass adds lush Gentle textures to this inviting environment that will keep you feeling calm no matter what’s going on outside.

Make It Maximalist

The vase on the table is a dense accumulation of different florals, including pampas grass. Turn your attention over by way of its corner, where you’ll find an elegant white set making an appearance—their soft colors are sure to complement any other furnishings or decor around them well. 

Fluffy Dried Pampas Grass

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Retreat

Imagine sitting on your bed, eyes closed, as you take in the smell of fresh air and new plants cuddling up next to each other. The sunlight filtering through curtains creates patterns across ceiling tiles while soft pampas grass fills every inch around — it’s a safe space from everything outside with just enough touch that brings out its natural beauty without being overbearing or distracting at any point throughout this experience.

Hang a Wreath

Wreaths are not just for the winter. This pampas grass wreath adds warmth to your space and is neutral enough that it can be used year-round! Hang this on a simple white dining room wall, then enjoy all of the natural beauty without any artificial decorations at Christmas time

Hang It Up

Picking up a pampas grass wall hanging is like picking out an elegant accessory to complete your look. The striking texture will catch the eye and provide just enough personality without being overbearing or overwhelming, making it perfect for any dressing room!

Mix and Match

The minimalist dining room is brought to life with a bouquet of mixed fried flowers in an amber vase on the sideboard. Pampas grass adds volume and texture while also playing well together as other plants do.


The minimalist dining room is brought to life with a bouquet of mixed fried flowers in an amber vase on the sideboard. Pampas grass adds volume and texture while also playing well together as other plants do.

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There’s no doubt about it; dried pampas grass branches are one of the most beautiful plants out there. When you think “handmade” or even just uniqueness for your wedding flowers, this is an easy choice that will not disappoint! We’re happy if our store visits inspire further creativity in decorating – YYS has always got something new up its sleeve, so check back often to see what happens next.

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