Best Circular Saw Made in USA: Which one is for you?

There was a time when the best circular saws made in the USA were very limited to certain brands that picking one would be a walk in the park. With all these sprouting choices of circular saws made in the USA, it is now hard to pick the best one if you do not know what to look for.  From cordless to corded, worm drive or side drive, left-bladed to right-bladed circular saw, here is a roundup of the best circular saws made in USA.

Reviews of 4 Circular Saw Made in USA

Bigfoot 10-1/4in. Worm Drive Beam Saw

Big Foot Tools SC-1025SU BF-UG 10-1/4-Inch Wormdrive Magnesium Circular Saw w/ Skil Motor
  • When cutting at a 90 degree angle the depth of cut is 3-7/8″
  • When cutting at a 45 degree angle the depth of cut is 2-3/4″
  • Light weight Magnesium Parts Saw weighs 16.59 lbs with blade
  • Cuts 4x4 material in 1 pass
  • Assembled in USA

This one is a vert flexible worm saw featuring one of the cleanest sight lines, a cutting depth of 3 ¾ inches at 90degrees, cutting the lumber in four with just one pass. It also features a front grip that makes it both a cutting and finishing hand tool.

It is high-powered at 5600RPM. It is well-built with a 10-inch blade, features a guard kit that will expand the work area and uses the famed Skil saw motor. With its high-torque motor, it cuts through fire blocks, roofing materials, joists, 4x4s and 4x2s smoothly. This one deserves a 4.6 out of 5.


  • Convenient and portable.
  • Durable upper and lower guards.
  • Features steel shoe, depth adjustment and spindle lock.
  • Offers clear line of sight.
  • High-powered.


  • The thin blades are hard to replace once damaged.

Porter Cable PCE300 Circular Saw

PORTER-CABLE 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, Heavy Duty Steel Shoe, 15-Amp (PCE300)
  • 15 amp motor running at 5,500 RPM provides power and speed through applications
  • Steel shoe with optimum line of sight provides accurate cuts and durable construction
  • Spindle lock and depth adjustment for quick adjustments on the job
  • Only 9.5 lbs, with Aux handle, provide comfort and clear line of sight

This one gets all tough cutting jobs done with its high-powered motor of 15amp. It also gives a commendable handwork experience with it being just 4.5kgs. Along with steady hand grip, it offers comfort even in extended use.

Accuracy of the sight lines is an upside thanks to its stamped steel shoe. This feature offers greater cutting accuracy and a bevel capacity at 45degrees.  It also features a spindle lock like the Bigfoot worm saw and a kerf cut indicator for blade alignment and greater cut precision. This is an easy 4.8 out of 5.


  • Features a stamped steel shoe for greater accuracy.
  • Portable at only 4.5kgs.
  • High-powered motor.
  • Bevel capacity is at 45degrees.
  • Comes with a spindle lock and kerf cut indicator.


  • Low precision in the sight lines when it gets to its deepest output.
  • Does not come with a bag case.

Dewalt 20V Max 7-1/4in. Circular Saw with Brake

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Brake, Tool Only, Cordless (DCS570B)
  • Power - Brushless motor of DEWALT 7 1/4 circular saw provides 5500RPM maintaining speed under load
  • Runtime - The cordless circular saw provides 330 crosscuts in 2x4 (pine)
  • Capacity - 7-1/4-inch blade of the compact circular saw provides 2-9/16-inch cutting capacity at 90 degrees
  • Ease of Use - Bevel capacity up to 57 degrees for increased versatility

This one is considered as one of the best cordless circular saws since 2019. It is very versatile in cutting lumber of different lengths and sizes. It can make bevel, cross and straight cuts. It is high-powered at 20V and at a cutting speed of 5800RPM. Using a 7 ¼ blade, it produces beautiful, beveled cuts at 57degrees. Using its electronic brake which automatically stops the blade when released.

In terms of build and casing, you can count on it for its durability. It sports a double-metallic casing and high-grade plastics. This is an easy 4.5 out of 5.


  • Sports an electronic brake.
  • High-powered.
  • Brushless technology.
  • Durable.
  • Quality cuts at 22.5 and 45 degrees.


  • Catches dirt from lumber cutting easily.

Craftsman 7-1/4in. Circular Saw

CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, 15-Amp (CMES510)
  • High performance motor runs at 5, 500 RPM's for aggressive fast cutting
  • 71/4inches 18T Carbide tipped blade with up to 21/8inches Capacity for 2x material
  • Tool-free BEVELING shoe pivots up to 55 deg. For angled cuts with detents at 22.5 and 45 Degree for ease of use
  • Magnesium shoe for durability and reduced weight
  • Metal upper and lower guard for added durability

This one provides a real robust work with its 15amp motor, provides angled and precise cuts at 5,500RPM and features an 18-T Carbide blade with a 2 1/8 cutting depth. It is also very durable and provides contoured angles thanks to its magnesium shoe. The shoe have high-grade, metallic upper and lower cases that prevent blade dulling.

For quick blade changes, there is a rafter hook to keep it in place while you change. Unlike others, it provides more accurate beveled and cross cuts at 55degrees. It is also lightweight and portable. This one is easy 4.6 out of 5.


  • Features a contoured angle and a good weight.
  • Rafter hook feature for quick blade changes.
  • High torque, high RPM.
  • Bevel cutting capacity at 55 degrees.
  • Magnesium shoe.


  • Hard to work with for precision jobs.
  • Built for DIY tasks only.


For all your woodworks, you will need a dependable circular saw for the ages. The best circular saws made in the USA have key features that will deliver cutting precision, high powered, accurate speed, and angled cutting capacities. They are flexible too and the materials used in making them are built to last making them not just dependable but are also worth the money.

Newbie or not in woodworks, you have to be careful in choosing your circular saw. It would not hurt to begin on this list if you really want to land the best circular saws made in the USA.

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