[Top 10] Best Soundbar for Samsung Tv Reviews in 2024

Modern televisions are becoming more and more high-resolution in terms of the picture quality they offer and thus enable the viewing of razor-sharp content in Full HD or Ultra HD quality. However, real film fans have long known that a successful home cinema evening also requires convincing sound – because, without it, films and series are only half as fun.

But this is exactly where most televisions fail and instead only have very manageable sound quality. Now, of course, you could simply connect a powerful surround system to your TV at home – but there is often no space for this in smaller living rooms. The solution: Best Soundbar for Samsung Tv. In our following article, we will tell you exactly what that is and which models are particularly recommended.

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is a space-saving alternative to bulky loudspeaker systems that use a bulky subwoofer as well as several individual boxes. The task of the individual loudspeakers is taken over by the elongated soundbar, which is connected directly to the television and then placed in front of the same: Depending on the model, it contains several loudspeakers and is able to imitate a three-dimensional surround sound with the help of acoustic effects – which makes the Enjoy a remarkable sound experience while watching movies, series and TV shows as well as playing music.

However, since a soundbar is not able to reproduce even extremely bass-laden sounds on its own, it is usually delivered with a suitable subwoofer that takes on this task – this is simply placed in the immediate vicinity of the soundbar itself. Alternatively, specialist retailers also offer so-called sound decks: This is a significantly deeper version of the sound bar in which a subwoofer is already permanently integrated.

What should you look out for when buying a soundbar?

best soundbar for samsung tv

Before buying a soundbar, you should definitely consider the size of your living room or home theatre room – because the larger the room, the more powerful the soundbar has to be. The bass strength of the potential device also plays an important role here: If you would like to enjoy rich bass in films or series, you should definitely look out for a model that has 100 watts or more.

The connection options offered by a soundbar also play a decisive role in the later satisfaction of the buyer: An HDMI connection that enables loss-free reproduction of the sound is an absolute must – a second HDMI connection is also recommended if other end devices (e.g. a Blu-ray player) are to be connected.

While an optical audio input and a 3.5 mm jack socket are part of the basic equipment of every soundbar, modern versions also offer additional connection options: If you want to enjoy not only the best TV sound but also your favourite music in convincing sound quality on a regular basis, you should ensure that that the device is equipped with Bluetooth, NFC and/or a WLAN interface – because this enables wireless transmission of music that is, for example, on a smartphone or tablet PC.

A USB port can also prove useful when external data storage media such as a USB stick or hard drive are to be connected – such a USB port is also required for connecting an iPhone dock.

Our tip: If the USB port is on the front of the soundbar, the device does not have to be constantly moved to connect to a data carrier. In addition, a front connection is, of course, the first choice if you want to mount your soundbar permanently on the wall.

The 10 Best Soundbars for Samsung Tv Reviews

In view of the immense selection of soundbars, it is, unfortunately, anything but easy to find the best model that meets your own requirements. In order to make your choice a little easier, we have put together what we believe to be the best soundbars from different price ranges for you. We are sure that there will be a suitable model for you among the devices we have presented.

The best: Sony HT-ZF9 3.1 soundbar

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With a purchase price of just over 600 $, the Sony HT-ZF9 3.1 soundbar is unfortunately not very cheap but offers an outstanding sound experience that is second to none.

Although this model is a 3.1 variant, i.e. two front speakers meet a subwoofer, the sound output is perceived in maximum 7.1.2-channel sound quality – which, conversely, corresponds to the sound experience of a 7.1 speaker system with six speakers and one Subwoofer.

Real film fans benefit in this way from the impressive Dolby Atmos and DTS: X sound, which is also known from the cinema – it couldn’t be better. Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connections are on board, but USB or LAN are also available as alternatives. Also ingenious: thanks to compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the soundbar can also be easily controlled by your own voice.

Sonos Playbar – The Mountable SoundBar for TV

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The Sonos Playbar Soundbar is unfortunately not exactly cheap at a purchase price of around 700 $, but it offers an outstanding sound that turns every feature film into a real highlight. This is made possible with the help of nine built-in loudspeakers that can handle both high and low tones. And so well that an additional subwoofer is not required – although this can, of course, be retrofitted if desired.

Music that is to be transmitted to the soundbar via mobile devices reaches the soundbar instead of via Bluetooth, which means that any jerks or dropouts in the transmission are a thing of the past. A connection with the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot also enables convenient control via voice commands. The fact that it was not enough for first place in our ranking despite the remarkably good sound quality, however, is due to Sonos – doing without an HDMI connection.

Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450

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The Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 soundbar is particularly suitable for beginners who have never used a soundbar before and are now looking for a device that is as easy to use and powerful as possible.

For a price of around 195 $, the buyer can look forward to a 90 cm long soundbar, which is also supplied with a high-quality subwoofer for generating deep bass – ideally, this can be easily connected to the sound system via WLAM so that no annoying tangled cables arise.

Although the Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 soundbar is not one of the most expensive models on the market, it knows how to impress with its impressive highs and rich bass, and various sound modes are available for faster adaptation to films, series or music. A USB connection and a Bluetooth interface are ideally also on board with this model so that the transmission of music should not be a problem either.

Yamaha YAS-306 soundbar

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The stylish Yamaha YAS-306 soundbar changes hands for just under 330 $. For this, the buyer can expect a streaming soundbar that comes with an integrated subwoofer and powerful 7.1 sound.

At first glance, it becomes clear that this model also has to get along without an HDMI connection, but optical, coaxial and analogue audio inputs are on board.

In the area of ​​wireless streaming, however, the high-quality soundbar is ideally positioned and offers music fans not only Bluetooth but also Apple AirPlay support and alternative streaming via Yamaha Music Cast. The Yamaha YAS-306 can be retrofitted with a separately available subwoofer via the coaxial connection, but its impressive sound can also be heard without this additional investment. But watch out: the soundbar is 95 cm long and may not fit on every TV cabinet.

Samsung HW-J355

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The Samsung HW-K360 soundbar is particularly suitable for people who think the classic TV sound is too tinny but who do not want to spend huge sums on a high-quality soundbar at the same time. If you can do without an HDMI connection at an affordable price of around 170 $ and instead use classic connection options, you can look forward to a 130-watt soundbar, which can convey an impressive home cinema feeling with its built-in speakers and wirelessly connectable Subwoofer.

USB sticks or external hard drives can easily be connected via an integrated USB port, while a Bluetooth interface is available for wireless music transmission.

All in all, a really great price bargain that is absolutely sufficient for beginners in terms of sound quality.

Sonos Beam Soundbar

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The Sonos Beam is a fantastic soundbar for a great price that takes full advantage of the Sonos ecosystem and is a joy to use (and set up if your TV has HDMI ARC). The smaller shape of the device can comfortably stand next to a 32-inch TV, but it takes up enough space not to be overshadowed by a much larger device.

The Sonos Beam offers great sound quality, although the lack of Dolby Atmos support might irritate some, but at this price point, it would be more of a surprise if this feature had been included. Voice control is possible with Alexa.

The Sonos Beam can do everything a smart soundbar should, and it sounds pretty good too.

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL

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The Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL is now a real insider tip among soundbars. With a purchase price of just under 330 $, it is still in the entry-level range but appeals primarily to home theatre fans who are definitely interested in investing a little more money in their first soundbar.

This decision proves to be a good choice the first time you use the Yamaha YAS-306, as its first-class 3D surround experience quickly leaves many competitors in this price range behind. Two integrated subwoofers ensure a particularly strong bass.

In addition to the really great sound with many supported sound formats (including DTS, DTS Digital Surround, DTS Virtual: X and Dolby Pro Logic II), the Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL also impresses with wireless data transmission via Bluetooth and a really stylish design. You only have to forego connecting external data carriers via USB with this soundbar because the existing USB connection is only used for firmware updates.

Sony HT-ST5000

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The Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar is definitely not suitable for small rooms because it has an impressive length of 118 cm. The device, which costs around 980 $, has a first plus point in terms of its appearance because the magnetically attached front cover can be removed if desired to allow a view of the interior – a function that is only too happy to show off to envious guests.

But the HT-ST5000 has much more to offer: In addition to impressive 3D surround sound and perfectly coordinated stereo sound, the integrated S-Master HX digital amplifier ensures flawless and unadulterated sound quality, while ClearAudio + automatically transfers the sound settings to music at the touch of a button. Customize games or movies. Songs from Spotify and other streaming services can be forwarded to the soundbar at any time via Wi-Fi or streamed using the integrated Chromecast stick, while an alternative Bluetooth interface enables wireless data transfer from smartphones and tablet PCs.

In addition, there is also a USB input for connecting external data carriers and three (!) HDMI connections available for a wide range of playback devices – the Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar is also optimally equipped in terms of connection technology. If you have the necessary change, you will definitely get your money’s worth with this 800-watt luxury model.

LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 soundbar

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The LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 soundbar is aimed at all home cinema fans who don’t want to spend too much or too little on their new soundbar: At around 500 $, it is perfectly priced in the middle class. For this price, the buyer can look forward to an impressive Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 sound experience that is only known in this form from the cinema – making a current blockbuster twice as much fun. Thanks to the integrated Chromecast, it is easily possible to stream content from smartphones or tablet PCs directly to the soundbar, but this is also possible via Bluetooth or WLAN.

Also interesting: the soundbar can be easily controlled via an intelligent loudspeaker equipped with the “Google Assistant”. Both devices are quickly and easily coupled with one another so that you can now control the soundbar or play your favourite music using voice commands. Innovative: For easy control of the LG SK10Y, the existing remote control of the television can simply be used in case the remote control of the soundbar has been misplaced. The only drawback: The LG SK10Y has an impressive length of 144 cm and an equally massive subwoofer – which is why it is best suited to larger televisions with a screen size of 65 inches or more.

Bose SoundTouch 700 soundbar

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The Bose SoundTouch 700 impresses at first glance with its very stylish design, which does not require any buttons at all: all functions of the soundbar can be carried out using the remote control supplied, voice control or the Bose Music app. Fortunately, the technical inner workings of this model are also convincing: Although there is no subwoofer in the scope of delivery, a very atmospheric sound experience can be achieved with the soundbar, with the innovative “QuietPort” feature still providing pleasantly powerful bass.

If that’s not enough, the Bose SoundTouch 700 can also be expanded with a separate subwoofer if required – However, you can then also opt for a model WITH Subwoofer, as such a retrofit would drive up the already high price even more.

Via Bluetooth, NFC connection or WLAN, content from streaming services such as Spotify or content from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs can be easily streamed to the soundbar, and thanks to Amazon Alexa support, the device can also be controlled using voice commands. Anyone who attaches great importance to a particularly high-quality design in combination with a great sound can access this without hesitation.


We hope that we were able to make the search for a suitable soundbar for your living room a little easier with the introduction of our personal top 10, and we wish you a lot of fun with your new home theatre sound, which we hope your neighbours will be just as happy about as you are.

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