Top 6 Best Smart Locks Review 2024

Smart locks are the future of home security — they’re keylesspick-proof + easy to install

Here’s my list of the best smart locks online.

Best Smart Locks Review

Samsung Keyless Door Lock (Deadbolt)

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Samsung (SHS-3321) Door Lock has a sleek black façade + backlit screen, allowing you to clearly enter or preset the code.

Key-free + works w/ RFID tags and pre-programmed user codes.

You can program in up to 71 different codes. Pressing a single button sets the alarm when you’re away, and the alarm volume is adjustable.

Safety features: pick proof, built-in fire detector sensor, bump proof

Although it’s battery-operated, Samsung provides a backup power supply that kicks in when the battery dies.

Designed for doors between 35 and 55 mm thick, specifically 161 prep doors.

Buyers confirm it’s very easy to install.

Ultraloq UL3 Keyless Smart Lock 

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Ultraloq Lock is fingerprint-enabled and comes w/ a touchscreen for keyless opening.

The smart lock can be operated using your smartphone — you can program it to recognize your fingerprints or use w/ a backup key to unlock it.

Memory can hold up to 95 fingerprints.

Battery-operated but maximizes battery life to last through 8,000 times the lock is accessed (a little confusing – 8000 times of unlocking?).

The low battery alarm alerts you to change the batteries + the reversible lock handle opens doors from either side.

A built-in anti-peep password system conceals your access code, and the lock’s records can be accessed on your phone to see who has unlocked the door.

Samsung Digital Keyless Lock

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Samsung SHS-2920 door lock comes with top safety features.

Pick-proof, fire alarm, mobile phone alerts

If you enter the wrong code, an active randomizer prevents people from stealing codes and is designed to shut down after multiple failed attempts.

I love the black, sleek design that prevents unsightly bulk to doors. The alarm volume can be adjusted or muted.

A lock is easy to install and can be operated in the dark because of the blue backlight.

Yale Keyless Smart Lock

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Yale Assure Lock SL comes with w/a compact size + black touchscreen.

Designed to work with Apple products and can be voice-controlled using Siri. Also works with 4th gen. and newer versions of Apple TV.

If your day typically follows a consistent schedule, you’ll like that this lock can be activated daily at regular times. The lock can also be set to auto relock, so it locks automatically each time the door closes.

The screen is backlit, making it easier to see in the dark, and the design lets up to 25 users choose an access code of anywhere between 4 and 8 digits.

I love that it has an emergency charging terminal, so if the battery dies, users won’t be locked out of their homes.

August Smart Lock Pro Connect

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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is specially designed for voice commands — works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It’s technologically savvy, and you can see who is accessing the lock through connected smartphones.

I like that it will unlock the door automatically if a person with a programmed smartphone walks toward the door.

August smart lock works with deadbolts, meaning you can choose to turn the alarm off and use their regular lock and key to access your house. (too confusing – not sure how to make it better)

DoorSense design feature ensures that users can be confident their door is properly closed and locked.

Very easy to install + auto-relocks

Samsung Biometric Digital Door Lock

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Samsung Biometric Lock includes the most advanced features (even though it’s the most expensive on my list)

It fits doors that are 40 to 80 mm thick — comes w/ up to 11 access codes + 100 fingerprints (for easy access!).

Safety features include auto lock, pick proof, + random security code protection.

Failed access attempts cause the lock to shut down.

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