10 Best Golf Bag Reviews 2024

The best golf bags make it possible for you to enjoy carrying golf gears. There are different items you will have to carry for your golf tournament to be successful. The various types of golf bags available have specific uses. There are others which you will use to carry small items while others carry large items. The bags will help you carry golf gear around the course as well as assuring your equipment safety during the move.

The golf courses available vary. It makes it necessary for you to understand the golf course where you will use the bags before you make an order. Other golf bags come with additional features which make it possible to combine different applications. Check the features available and ensure you need them before you proceed to order. You need to buy a bag which has features which you need.

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Types of Golf Bags

There are about five different kinds of golf bags. The bags vary in features. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Most golfers, both newbies, and experienced players mistake the types available and think they only vary on the brands. But you should know there are different types of the golf bags available apart from buying those made by various manufacturers. Here we have five primary types of golf bags for you to stay informed.


Golf staff Bag

They are common in pro golfers. They come with logos of the tournament sponsors. The bag is massive hence can fit almost all items you will need when on the golf course. They are a bit heavy due to the many items the pros carry in them. The golf bags are made from high-quality materials hence they attract a higher price tag. If you like to buy a staff bag, then you should be prepared to pay more for the bags. If you will like to go for a heavy and quality bag, then going for this type of bags will be the right choice for you to make.

Choosing the Best Golf Bag

It is not easy to choose the perfect golf bag from the five types and many brands available in the market. But, after you follow the right steps, you will realize it is a simple task. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration:

  • Types of golf bags:The different types of golf bags available vary on the features they possess. You need to check on the advantages and disadvantages of each bag before you buy a given system. If you love walking on the golf course as a way of staying fit, then you need purchase a staff bag. A cart bag will work well for you if you have a cart and you will like to have all your items readily available from the vehicle. Always assess the different types available and buy a golf bag which will suit your lifestyle when on a golf course.
  • Features of the golf bag:The standard features you need to check on the bags include the pockets. If you love carrying a lot of items when playing golf, then a bag with a lot of pockets will work well for you. Nice padding on the shoulder will make your carry bag easy to move around when on your back. Go for a bag which has many beneficial features. It is necessary to carry enough research before you decide on one so that you will avoid buying a bag after short while you realize it is not the best for your golf experience.
  • Budget of buying the bag: You can’t buy something you can’t afford. Your budget should always guide you when purchasing the bags. The bags are available in different price ranges. Decide on a budget before you go out and do the shopping. Most online stores have filters which will allow you filter the amount to a certain range. Although you can filter on the price, you will remain with a dozen of bags in your price range. You need to go further and check on features available at a given price range so that you will decide on the best bag.
  • Customer Reviews of golf bags: What other people say about different golf bags matter a lot. You may have ever tried different golf bags available online. To decide on the best golf bag, you need to take your time and check on what other people are saying. There are several reputable websites online where you can visit and check the reviews which people offer different golf bags. Read reviews on various reputable sites so that you will gather the necessary information for you to make the right decision.

TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

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The TaylorMade 5.0 has all the components that a golfer could need, whether the golfer is playing an 18 hole game or just hitting some balls at the driving range. It has pockets for tees, balls, and a four way organizational top. It also stands, which is quite useful for when the golfer is on the range or doing approach practicing on the putting green.

The best part about the TaylorMade 5.0 is that it is very light. It only weighs 10 lbs but can hold quite a few clubs and other equipment. This also makes it easy to carry as well, as it will not be really heavy. There are a number of drawbacks to it, however. Any golfer who is overly organized about his or her clubs will not care for the four way organizational top.

Another thing is the way the legs come out. They have be physically pushed out. This could frustrate golfers on long courses. The final questionable thing about the TaylorMade 5.0 is that some of its users have complained about the shoulder strap being too flimsy, but this can easily be solved by getting a new shoulder strap.

Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

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Golfers with a lot of equipment will get quite a bit out of the Org 14, by Callaway. The bag is designed for golfers who intend to play full time. Most golf bags have only one beverage pockets. The Org 14 has two. The top is split into 14 ways, which means it is possible to have one spot dedicated to each club. This is very good for a golfer who likes to keep his or her clubs very organized. It also means it can hold a lot of clubs. One of the most interesting, and perhaps one of the best things about the Org 14 is that instead of zippers, it has magnetic closures.

This eliminates the fear of a zipper breaking when a golfer needs to get a tee or a different set of gloves or any other accessory that is necessary. There is one glaring negative aspect of the Org 14 and that it does not have legs to stand on. It does stand, but when looking at an illustration of the bag, it can only stand upright. This means that during a longer game, it will be bound to the cart. It also is not ideal for practicing on the range because it can only stand upright.

Additionally, it is not suitable for beginning players because of the large capacity of what it can hold. Newer players will not be able to make use of all of the clubs and accessories that the Org 14 can carry.

Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

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Izzo has created a bag that leaves no shortage of compartments for accessories as well as clubs and other equipment. It allows golfers to organize their clubs as much as they can. Additionally, it also has an external putter tube that can separate the putter from everything else.

This is especially useful for putters with larger heads, as most of the time a putter with a large head will not fit into the top of the bag. Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag are always a nice thing to have in a golf bag, as too few dividers can ruin the organization of a golfer’s equipment.

There are a couple of things that could make the Izzo bag a bit better, however. The first thing is the fact that the pockets for accessories all utilize zippers. As more and more golf bags are using magnetic closures, having zipped closures is becoming antiquated and not suitable. Also, it can only stand upright as it does not have legs to stand on. While this is negligible for some golfers, it could turn away others.

TaylorMade Golf ™ Cart Golf Bag 5.0

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One thing that many golfers look for in a bag is the ability for the bag to hold almost all their clubs or accessories, if not all of them. Not having clubs and accessories organized in a golf bag can actually negatively affect one’s golf game, as negligible as this sounds.

The TaylorMade 5.0 golf bag was designed with the organization of clubs and accessories in mind. It has a 14 way divider top, with three of the dividers being full length. It also contains 7 pockets for any accessory that is necessary. This effectively solves the issue of organizing the equipment in this particular golf bag.

Unfortunately, the TaylorMade 5.0 bag is a bag that is designed to stay in the golf cart. While it does have a strap, which will be useful for carrying it around as it can hold a lot of things, it does not come with a stand. This can be troublesome for courses where you may need to take the bag out of the cart for easier access.

Also, while it has a lot of dividers, the TaylorMade 5.0 bag only has three dividers that reach the bottom of the bag. This almost defeats the purpose of having so many dividers, as many golfers prefer the dividers in their golf bags to extend all the way to the bottom. The TaylorMade 5.0 bag also does not have a cover. This is another reason why it is designed to stay in the golf cart, as the lack of a cover will leave any equipment in the bag exposed to any given forces on the outside.

Knight Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

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The majority of golf bags are not usually designed for carrying around for long periods of time. Most of them sit in the golf cart, waiting to have the contents of them get picked up by the golfer who often needs to walk all the way from where he or she finished their last stroke to the cart. This can make golf frustrating. The Knight golf bag has solved this problem.

Weighing a scant 2 or so pounds, it is designed to carry a decent amount of clubs and accessories, but is still very easy to carry. The strap of the Knight bag is also designed much more different than other golf bag straps, as it hangs a little lower, down around the hip. This allows for the bag to be carried very easily compared to other golf bags, making the Knight bag a breath of fresh air.

Understandably so, the Knight golf bag does have its limitations for being so easy to carry. It only has two dividers, meaning that it cannot carry a lot of clubs or accessories. Taking a bag like this on a challenging 18 hole course would not be a good idea. And that is the biggest flaw of the Knight golf bag.

Since it cannot hold a lot of clubs, it cannot be taken on challenging and long courses. This is a shame. The Knight golf bag also does not have a cover. When combined with its unique strap design, this means that there is a good chance of clubs falling out of the bag when walking around with it.

Club Champ Golf Bag Travel Cover

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Carrying golf clubs when travelling can be a chore. Even when using a strap, carrying clubs in a traditional golf bag can be very, very tiresome. This is especially true when walking in an airport, where it can sometimes take nearly a mile of walking to get from the terminal to the gate. This issue is solved with the Club Champ cover.

Extending around the entire bag similar to a tuxedo cover that one would take for travelling, the Club Champ cover will make travelling with golf clubs much, much easier. It is also equipped with wheels, making it similar to a luggage bag. If you are taking your golf clubs on a plane, or even if you decide to carry them up to a hotel, the Club Champ cover is very ideal.

Despite the concept, users have said that the Club Champ cover is not made of the toughest material. While there is a fair amount of padding inside of the bag, the material on the outside can rip and tear, especially in the midst of air travel. It is also not as sturdy as it should be, as when it is fully constructed and wrapped around the golf bag, the wheels on the Club Champ cover are rather close to each other, meaning it can tip over frequently when carrying it.

Cleveland Golf – CG Stand Bag

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When it comes to golf bags, very few bags are more “complete” than the Cleveland golf bag. It has nearly everything that a golfer could possibly need in a bag. It has 14 dividers for clubs, six pockets, an insulated cooler pocket, and even compartments for range finders, tees and pens.

This nearly unmatched sense of inclusivity makes the Cleveland golf bag perfect for anybody who regularly plays 18 hole games of golf and who want to use exactly one bag for everything. It also has standing legs, which is actually very uncommon for bags such as these. It is also equipped with a dual strap, which makes the bag resemble a backpack of sorts, making it a little easier to carry.

Another very good feature of the Cleveland golf bag, which is again very rare compared to other bags of its size is that it has a rain cover. This is incredibly useful as a bag that can house so many clubs and accessories should be protected.

All of these inclusive features, all of the completeness of the Cleveland golf bag comes at a price. And that price is size. The Cleveland golf bag is massive, and it is almost impossible to carry it and not get some kind of strain, especially if it is full of clubs and accessories. While it does have standing legs and a cover, is it really ideal to carry it around on the course? More than likely, it will probably just stay in the cart. None of the dividers extend too far either, which means it may be a struggle to put certain clubs in it.

TANGKULA Golf Stand Bag w/6 Way Divider Carry Organizer Pockets Storage

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A majority of golf bags tend to not have enough room for accessories. Not only does the Tangkula have plenty of pockets for accessories (seven, which is the most for bags of this type), the accessory pockets are very easy to locate, all of them being on the side of the bag. For any golfer who has trouble organizing accessories, the Tangkula golf bag is very ideal.

The Tangkula golf bag suffers from a few flaws. The first of these is the design alone. While it is a nice thing that the accessory compartments are all located on the sides of the bag, this gives it a crowded design which can be overwhelming or even confusing for most.

Most bags of this caliber have 14 dividers for clubs, which allows for a fair amount of organization. The Tangkula bag only has six, with all of them extending down to the same length. This is not ideal for an avid golfer, and might even be too complicated a divider design for a beginning golfer. The worst part of the Tangkula bag is the strap. Many of its users have said that the strap and the harness are either not sturdy or not as comfortable as it should be.

TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bag

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Although it seems more and more all inclusive golf bags are being made, not many stand out. A lot of them are very much standard large golf bags. They have a lot of dividers for the clubs and enough pockets for the accessories, but none of them have any very good features that stand out.

The TaylorMade Flextech bag solves a couple of dilemmas when it comes to this. The first of these is in its club dividers. The club dividers that the TaylorMade Flextech bag has all extend down as low as possible. This is a great thing for your clubs, as they will all fit perfectly into the bag with very little resistance.

Also, the average bag of this size usually has about six pockets. The TaylorMade Flextech bag has eleven. There is no shortage of pockets for accessories when it comes to the TaylorMade Flextech bag.

While the TaylorMade Flextech bag can carry as many clubs and accessories as needed, and does this very well, the bag can get very heavy. While it does have standing legs, one should ask why they are even necessary, as a bag of this size will weigh the legs down and break them. This has been happening to users, and it seems that the standing legs on the TaylorMade Flextech bag are not sturdy enough to hold it.

Titleist Stand Bag 14 Way

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Large golf bags that hold a lot of clubs and accessories tend to have a hard time remaining stable because of how much they weigh and the materials that are placed in them. When it comes to bags the size of the Titleist golf bag, users have complained of bags that fall out of the golf cart, or bags where the standing legs snap under the pressure.

The Titleist golf bag has solved this kind of issue. Many of its users claim that unlike other bags of its size, the Titleist golf bag contains standing legs that do not fold under the pressure of this very heavy bag. The fact that the Titleist golf bag also contains fourteen dividers is also one of the best features about it, as there are very few golf bags that have this many dividers.

Nothing else stands out when it comes to the Titleist golf bag, however. While it is true that it has 14 club dividers, none of these club dividers have extensions. This means the clubs are not going be as balanced as you would want them to be. It also means that certain clubs will not be able to fit into the bag. This can turn some golfers who are considering it away.


Golf bags come in many sizes, and there are different golf bags for different levels of golfers, different situations in the sport of golf, and even different types of golf courses. There are three major things to consider when choosing a golf bag.

The first thing to consider is how many clubs you possess and what kind of accessories you wish to use. If you do not have a lot of clubs, you may not need a very big bag, for example. The second thing to consider is how frequently you play. If you play golf regularly, you will likely need to value durability over function. The third thing to consider is whether you prefer to carry your golf bag or leave it in the cart.

If you choose to do the former, it would behoove you to look for a golf bag that has a cover, as the probability of encountering rain is not as low as many would think, especially during an 18 hole game.

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