Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case: What is the ideal product for you?

Smartphones are constantly evolving and being upgraded so it usually doesn’t come cheap, samsung galaxy s10 plus is a prime example. THAT is also the main reason that many people look to buy the best samsung galaxy s10 plus waterproof case for comprehensive phone protection.

After a period of research and research, we have found the 10 best ones, please read and refer to them.

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case Comparison 2023

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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case Reviews 2023

Punkcase Waterproof Case

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Starting with the best samsung galaxy s10 plus waterproof case, we would like to introduce to you Punkcase S10 Plus Waterproof Case – a high quality product that has received nearly 1 thousand reviews on famous commercial selling websites.

You own a samsung galaxy s10 plus and love it so much, you want to protect it completely against effectively the punk forces of nature. There is a note here that the item I am recommending to you is only suitable for samsung galaxy s10 plus, it does not have a suitable model for galaxy s10.

 Punkcase S10 Plus Waterproof Case is definitely an ideal travel companion, especially your beach trips. You can enjoy swimming and diving and use your samsung galaxy s10 plus to capture underwater moments.

Not stopping there it is also very suitable for desert trips, muddy trails, even fun skiing trips, it will always help you protect your smartphone no matter what. on any adventure.

The most outstanding feature available in this item is its outstanding waterproof ability, IP-68 certified, submersible up to 6.6 ft. What’s more, it seals your cell phone completely preventing dust and dirt which might cause the possibility of clogging the ports.

Durability is excellent. If you accidentally drop it from a height of about 6.6 ft, don’t worry Punkcase S10 Plus Waterproof Case will protect it effectively, without causing any damage or breakage.

Beautifully renewed design. The StudStar case is reasonably designed to lock the device’s inputs, but for the outputs, access is still very easy. Buttons, ports and jacks all work even though protected, it doesn’t limit the usability of your samsung phone.

The anti-reflective lens on the rear camera is set up to give you the sharpest and most realistic footage possible. The task of protecting the HD screen is excellent, scratch-resistant, and the Touch ID sensitivity is still responsive. The sound is unaffected and still ensures clear and smooth communication.


  • Flexibility
  • Great durability
  • Beautiful design
  • Accessing outputs is still easy


  • Case will not allow charging with a generic corded case or wireless charger

DOOGE Waterproof Case

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The item that stands in second place is DOOGE Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case, it possesses outstanding features that meet the needs of users well.

This product only fits the Galaxy S10 Plus (equivalent to 6.4 inches), its immersion reaches 9.8 ft, or about 3 m, which is quite an impressive number. You can submerge it in water for 3 hours if you submerge it to a depth of 3 m and withstand it in water for 1 hour with a submersion of 5 m.

Excellent impact resistance. If you accidentally drop it at a height of 9.8 ft or about 3 m, the DOOGE Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case will protect your phone completely. It’s like a magic armor that fully protects your samsung galaxy s10 plus no matter in any condition be it rain, drop, dirt, and so on.

Because it is made of plastic material, the product is durable, helping to prolong its service life. The premium TPU material also contributes to prolonging your usage time. Water resistant and allows for full submersion for the period that I mentioned above. Protect your phone from physical shocks like drops, scratches, bumps, etc.

 DOOGE Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case is quite thin and light, but not so that the durability is reduced. Although thin, it is effective when helping your samsung galaxy s10 plus avoid major impacts. The phone screen is fully protected thanks to the screen protector.

The optical lenses are coated with an AR layer, so images or videos are very natural and realistic. All features of the phone still work normally, but the safety is enhanced.


  • Submersible up to 3 m
  • Use in a variety of environmental conditions
  • Long time to use in water environment
  • Durability
  • Lightweight


  • The case is hard to close to keep the buttons working to some

Redpepper Waterproof Case

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The next Samsung Galaxy s10 plus waterproof case that I would like to introduce to you is from Redpepper. If you are a fan of accessories related to phones, you are no stranger to this company. There are many reviews about this product on Amazon’s sales system and most of them are positive feedback.

This item type fits a screen size of about 6.6 inches with measurements of 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inch. It was born with the mission to protect your Galaxy S10 Plus completely. Although sealed, access to power, buttons and ports is very easy. The functions are still operating normally and effectively. The cutouts all match the functions of the phone very well.

Excellent IP68 certified water resistance. It has been tested very rigorously and closely with the test at a depth of 2 meters underwater, submerging it completely within 30 minutes and the test results show that it is completely waterproof. Not only is it waterproof, it’s also dust and snow resistant. Whether it’s outdoor or underwater, it perfectly completes its task.

Very effective impact resistance, meeting military standard 810G -516. Even if you drop it 1000 times at a height of 6.6 ft equivalent to 2 m, it will not affect anything. Thanks to the integrated screen, the view becomes clearer and thus avoids causing scratches to the screen.

This item is fully compatible with fingerprint readers to a certain point. A lot of people do not read this carefully in the user manual, you shouldn’t ignore it. Warranty period is 12 months. For effective use, installation is important. You must follow the instructions properly so that your phone is completely sealed.


  • Access to power, buttons and ports is all very easy
  • Very effective impact resistance
  • Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof


  •  The fingerprint sensor does not work well 

Temdan Waterproof Case 

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With outstanding features, Temdan Case Waterproof has excellently entered our Top 10 best samsung galaxy s10 plus waterproof case.

This product is only compatible with samsung galaxy s10 plus. Although completely sealed, the ability to access buttons, sensors, cameras, speakers, charging ports is still very effective. The cuts are very precise and fit your phone perfectly.

IP68 certified waterproof feature perfectly protects your phone screen no matter what environment it is underwater or outdoors. The installation becomes so easy without hassle or hassle.

 The importance of installation cannot be denied. With the design of two front and back covers, it makes installation faster and saves much time. Temdan Case Waterproof keeps your samsung phone closed even after you open and close it many times. The transparent rear cover does not interfere with wireless charging.

This model is suitable for protecting your phone screen from accidental drops. Camera Protector is responsible for protecting the camera from unnecessary scratches while at the same time the LED light retains its inherent function.

Still, the hand ID will still work. The fingerprint film can withstand scratches, without any serious impact on the responsiveness of the screen.


  • The ability to access buttons, sensors, ect remains efficient
  • Quick installation
  • Protection in many environments
  • Affordable


  • There are no perforations for your ear. You had to put on a speaker to hear people

Comosso Waterproof Case

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In our top 10 best samsung galaxy s10 plus waterproof case, there is also the comosso waterproof case. This product has also received a lot of attention from many customers.

IP68 certified waterproof. Within 1 hour you can submerge it in water to a depth of 6.6 ft which is equivalent to 2m. This is definitely one of your ideal companions in outdoor activities, especially underwater.

You are allowed to take photos and videos while in the water. The recorded images and videos are very realistic and vivid. The screen protector is very good against scratches but still ensures responsiveness, both taking photos and recording videos are provided with the high definition it is. Each case comes with an invisible kickstand so you can relax your hand a little when holding it.

The product is designed with a sensor array that allows the user to disassemble. The 3D sonic scanner function of the fingerprint sensor will increase the sensitivity of the phone, but you are allowed to choose whether to use it or not. In this regard you should comply with the settings in order to be able to use the super variable sensor function.

Fall protection meets military standard 810G-516 so it will support you in your hiking, climbing and skiing trips, harsh conditions are no longer a hindrance for you. The front cover combined with the screen protector helps your samsung galaxy s10 plus avoid scratches.

It still works fine with wireless charging even though it’s completely sealed. Warranty period is 1 year. The installation is extremely important, so read the user manual carefully to avoid errors.


  • Excellent water resistance
  • Time allowed to soak in water for a long time
  • Provide realistic photos and videos
  • Fall protection meets military standard 810G-516


  • Kick stand bends easily, it gonna break any minute if not careful

POTALUX Samsung Galaxy S10 Waterproof Case

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POTALUX Waterproof Case is the item that I would recommend next. It has received a lot of reviews on Amazon’s sales system with more than 2,000 reviews and almost all of them are positive. This proves that it has met the needs of many shoppers.

This item supports an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Upgraded design s10 built-in fingerprint reader, you just need to put your finger to unlock the phone. You should carefully read the accompanying user manual, and perform the correct operation to ensure success.

Excellent IP68 water resistance. It’s fully sealed design ensures your entire phone is waterproof. You can submerge it in about 6.6 ft of water for 1 hour with no ill effects. It is a great support for water activities.

Its body is designed so that it is close to the impact angle, so the dust resistance is greatly improved. The impact resistance is no exception, it protects your samsung galaxy s10 plus in all harsh weather conditions.

Even if it is completely sealed, the sound quality is still guaranteed as it is. The streamlined back doesn’t block your wireless charging, so you don’t have to take it off when you want to charge your phone.


  • Support ultrasonic fingerprint scanner
  • Excellent IP68 water resistance
  • Very good dust and impact resistance
  • Affordability


  • Fingerprint reader doesn’t work well

ANERNAI Compatible Waterproof Case

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ANERNAI Compatible best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case has been successful in conquering the hearts of many customers. It has brought practical benefits to users.

IP68 certified waterproof housing design. Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be completely sealed, the kidneys are sealed tightly. The product has undergone rigorous testing with the test of immersing it in water at a depth of about 6.6 ft (about 2m) for 1 hour and the test was successful. This item is very suitable for water and outdoor activities.

When purchasing the product you will see a thin circular area above the screen protector, which is where the fingerprint reader is. There is a point you should note that just placing your finger to scan the fingerprint is not attached to anything else because it may affect the scanning process.

Since it’s made of high quality hard PC combined with soft TPU back material, that perfect combination creates a pretty solid construction. This item has undergone the crash test, with accidental drops it still fully protects your phone. Not only is it shockproof, it’s also dustproof, snowproof, and waterproof.

The very precise lines are fully compatible with your phone, so accessing the ports, buttons, camera as well as the sound sensor feature seems to be quite easy, without any difficulty.

If you have any feedback regarding the quality of the product, you can directly contact the customer service of the store, 24h customer service will answer all your questions, You are also allowed to Exchange or return the product within 30 days if it is not suitable.


  • IP68 certified waterproof housing design
  • High-quality materials create a solid structure for the product
  • Good impact resistance against water and dirt
  • Cheap


  • It is not functional to actually use for phone calls without headphones

Fansteck Waterproof Case

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It would be an omission if we ignore the Fansteck Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case. Currently, this item is also quite popular and receives many positive reviews.

The case has a built-in screen protector so it is not recommended that you align an additional screen protector. If you do that, it will most likely affect the touch sensitivity and it will prohibit closing the case completely.

The manufacturer has carried out about 1000 tests on the water resistance of the product. After 2 hours of being submerged in water at a depth of 6.6 ft, equivalent to 2m, the results show that Fansteck Waterproof Case completely protects your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus without any leaks or damage. The camera lens cap is ergonomically designed so it’s still easy to capture beautiful photos and high-definition, realistic-quality video footage.

Not only effectively waterproof, but also shatterproof and impact resistant, providing full protection for your smartphone. From dirt and impact resistance to snow resistance is possible. All in all, this is an ideal product for outdoor activities.

Although your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is completely sealed, it does not block the signal when charging wirelessly, you don’t have to remove the case and charge. This feature brings convenience to your daily use.

Included with the product you also receive a lanyard, cleaning cloth, and further instructions.


  • Can stay in water for 2 hours
  • Effectively waterproof, shockproof, dustproof
  • Still receiving wireless charging signal
  • Good price


  • Buttons don’t work well 

EFFUN Waterproof Case

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The next product that I hope can become a priority for you is the EFFUN Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case. This product is still receiving a lot of attention from customers and most of them are satisfied with this product.

The appearance of this item is very beautiful and eye-catching, it is covered in a black color combined with navy blue. Its dimensions are 6.69 x 3.41 x 0.51 inches. The product is only suitable for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

The manufacturer has carried out about 1000 tests on the water resistance of the product. After 2 hours of being submerged in water at a depth of 9.84 ft, equivalent to 3m, the results show that EFFUN Waterproof Case completely protects your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus without any leaks or damage.

It fully protects your phone in a variety of weather conditions whether it’s raining or when you are engaged in water activities like swimming, diving, fishing, and so on. If you want to take a photo or record a video, of course it is still allowed.

The design meets the 810G -516 standard, so even if you accidentally drop your phone 1,000 times at 9.84 ft or 3m, it won’t cause any problems. Not only is it waterproof but also dustproof and snowproof, it is absolutely an ideal product to use in inclement weather.

The front cover is integrated with the screen so scratch resistance is enhanced, it does not affect the inherent sensitivity of the phone. High quality TPU material selected by the manufacturer to make. With this material it has the effect of minimizing the effect on the signal.

There are many products that are completely sealed, resulting in much poorer voice reception, but with this product, the voice is still perfectly guaranteed, without interrupting calls. The speaker is located just below the front case.

Included with the product is a lanyard, cleaning cloth, a detailed instruction booklet, and a pH test paper that will help you check if water has spilled into the phone case. In case of water entering, the paper will change color.


  • 810G -516 . standard design
  • High quality TPU material
  • Good voice reception
  • Comes with many useful items


  • You have to push hard on buttons when using 

Transy Samsung Galaxy S10 Case

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Close to our Top 10 Samsung galaxy s10 plus waterproof case is the Transy Samsung Galaxy S10 Case. With outstanding features it deserves to be on our list.

Very precise cutouts perfectly fit each button and port on the mobile phone, it is fully compatible with samsung galaxy s10 plus. Completely waterproof product sealed design still allows you to freely take photos and videos underwater. The base can be folded, so it is very dustproof as well as impact resistant.

Even though it is covered, when you hold your samsung galaxy s10 plus you will feel like it is not wrapped at all. The fingerprint scanner is only useful on the small circular area of ​​the product.

The weight it achieves is 2.25 oz because it is quite light so you can take it anywhere without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. Although the kickstand case is light, it is capable of protecting a heavy phone.

The two sides of the product are transparent without any metal, you are allowed to charge wirelessly directly without having to remove the screen protector. When purchasing, you are allowed to check before receiving and if you have any questions regarding the quality of the product, you can request an exchange or refund.


  • Lightweight
  • Good resistance to water, dirt and impact
  • Affordability


  • when you switch camera to wide angle, and the plastic fogs up which decreases the resolution and quality of the imagines

Criteria To Consider As Buying The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case


In general, the best Samsung Galaxy S10 plus waterproof case is usually used in plastic or high-grade TPU, plastic is usually a bit more preferred. Grapefruit when using this material, the product will be lighter, convenient for you to take anywhere you want without causing discomfort, entanglement or bulky.

Moreover, the use of this material also makes the price cheaper than products made of other materials. There are products that choose a combination of high-end hard PC and soft TPU hybrid material, this combination creates a solid construction.

Ability to submerge in water

Most of the products I recommend above can be submerged in water for a long time without causing any effects. You can immerse your samsung galaxy s10 plus in water with a depth of about 6.6 ft ( about 2m ) to 9.8 ft i.e. about 3m into the water with time allowed, still not damage the phone. There are products capable of being in water up to 5 m deep.

Time submerged in water

How deep the ability to submerge in water will be related to the time allowed in the water of the product. If you submerge your covered phone to a depth of 5m, it should only be left in water for about 1 hour, 3m is about 3 hours and with 2m, it should only be shortened to 1 hour.

Fingerprint ID

You should choose a product that is sensitive to fingerprint ID. There will usually be a small circle in the bottom corner, you can only put your finger in it to scan the fingerprint. Pay attention to products that have positive feedback on the display’s function. At the same time, you should also carefully read the instructions for use attached to the product. Because many people ignore it, it doesn’t do it properly, resulting in fingerprint ID not working well

How The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Waterproof Case Works Well 

Most Samsung Galaxy s10 plus waterproof cases have high IP rating, usually iP68. The number 6 means that this product completely blocks dust and the number 8 means that you are allowed to submerge it more than 1 meter deep.

Because the material is made of high-quality plastic or TPU, its sealing ability is very good to prevent water ingress, protecting the phone’s integrity while underwater.

In Conclusion

Above are all the best samsung galaxy s10 plus waterproof cases that we carefully selected based on essential criteria. But if you still haven’t found the right product for your phone, you can refer to the top 5 ones that I selected below.

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